Calling all Success with FiveStreet users (volume 3)

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If you’ve had a chance to take a boo at volumes 1 & 2 of this series, FiveStreet, Top Producer CRM and Market Snapshot are now talking to each other and ready to be your lead-generating machine.

What now? Well, you likely have a ton of contacts that you need to get in to your CRM. Why? So you can educate and communicate with your customers and provide the exceptional service that will lead to repeat and referral business. The return is huge when you invest the time to do this. Still, the thought of spending hours manually entering them increases your heart rate just a little though.

Don’t worry—our simple import process will have your contacts in Top Producer CRM with just a few clicks.

A few housekeeping items first though…

If you’re like me, you may find your thoughts start to wander or your eyes glaze over when I start talking CSV and vCard files, but bear with me. I’ll de-techify this as much as I can. (It’s pretty easy—really.)

There are only 2 simple rules you need to know:

1) The file you import has to be a CSV (.csv) or vCard (.vcf or .vcard) file. (Just look at the file extension—what appears after the ‘.’ in the file name—to see if you’re good to go.)

2) If you’ve got a CSV file, it has to have a header row. (That’s just a fancy way of saying the first row has to contain the field names, like ‘first name’, ‘phone number’, etc.)

Header row


Now let the games begin!

We’re ready to import some contacts.

If you’ve:

  • Logged in to Top Producer CRM on your desktop already, just go to Contacts > Import Contacts and skip to the next step.
  • If you haven’t, you’ll see the Setup Wizard. All you really need to enter now is your email address, then skip through to step 4 and select Import Contacts… > Close wizard and start importing contacts.

Setup wizard

Next up—choose the file you want to import. Click the green Choose file to import button > then select where your import file is saved.

Import contacts

Once you’ve done that, we’ll show you a preview of the import. (We’re almost there—promise.)

Take a quick glance and make sure your data is mapped to the right fields in Top Producer CRM. If it isn’t, just select the field from the adjacent drop-down list.

Map data

Once you’re done, click Start Import. You can poke around in Top Producer CRM while we import your stuff.

When it’s all said and done, see how we did by going to Contacts > Import Contacts > then clicking View Contacts in the Recent Imports list.

Recent imports

That’s it! All your contacts are in your CRM and waiting to be wowed by your follow-up and expertise.


And if the import is less than perfect, don’t fret. Call us at 1-800-830-8300 and we’ll be glad to help.

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