Calling all Success with FiveStreet users (volume 2)

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Alright, so we’ve set up FiveStreet following the details in Volume 1. Now we’re ready to move on to Top Producer CRM and Market Snapshot. We’re happy to report this won’t take long.


TP logo



Step 1: Quickly set up Top Producer CRM so you can get your leads

To get you going quickly, we recommend just doing the minimal setup for now. The detailed setup on your desktop computer can come later whenever you feel like it.

For now, let’s just get you started.

  • On your mobile device or tablet, open up your browser (for example Safari) and go to
  • Enter your username and password.
  • You’ll see this screen below. Just enter your email, time zone and accept the terms.

TP setup

Now would be an awesome time to add a Top Producer CRM icon to your home screen so you can access it with just a tap. The details are here if you want—it’s quick and easy to do (and handy).

And since you’ve already set up FiveStreet to send leads to Top Producer CRM, you’re good to go! Wasn’t that easy?


MS logo

Step 2: Set up Market Snapshot

You’re just 1-2-3 steps away from sending your first snapshot…

First go to and log in using the email and password that was sent to you.

From the intuitive setup wizard that appears, take a minute to set how your branding will appear on your snapshot.

Step 1 - Branding

Then enter your MLS info.

Step 2 - MLS setup

And by step 3, you’re ready to go! Send a test snapshot to yourself to check it out.

Step 3 - Send snapshot


Congrats! You’ve completed the setup. Now you can sit back and let the magic happen.


Here’s the lowdown on what will happen next and what you should do.

    1. Lead comes in through FiveStreet > you are immediately notified > FiveStreet responds to the lead in 5 mins.

Here’s an example of a text message response. (How many people do you know don’t open texts?)

FiveStreet text response


      1. Lead automatically flows to Top Producer CRM. You log in to Top Producer CRM and open up the Sales Pipeline (see how in the screenshot below).


Sales pipeline


      1. You wow the lead by sending a professional, accurate and engaging snapshot of the area they’re interested in (the screenshot below shows you how).


Mobile send snapshot


And the best part—all you had to do was log in to Top Producer and tappity tap a couple of times. (Being your amazing, knowledgeable self comes after you convert the lead, which you will).

If you need help, call us at 1-800-830-8300. We want to help you succeed!

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