Calling all Success with FiveStreet users (volume 1)

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To those who have recently purchased the ‘Success Suite with FiveStreet’ bundle, congrats! We’re happy to have you on board and pleased to tell you that you’re on your way to a well-oiled, efficient lead-generating machine!


Setting up 3 products seems daunting at first and who has time to sit in front of a computer for hours? Good news—this won’t take hours to set up. And even better, we’re going to tell you what you need to do to get the most out of your investment and how to do it.

So what should you do first? It all starts with FiveStreet…

FiveStreet logo



Step 1: Get your leads into FiveStreet

How you do this depends on which email address you’ve entered in your lead source web sites. If you’re using your Gmail address, it’s a snap (see the 1st point below). If not, don’t worry—you’ll just use a new FiveStreet address (see the 2nd point below).

If it’s a Gmail address, just click the Lead Sources tab in FiveStreet > then click the big green Connect with Google Mail button (see below).

If it’s not a Gmail address, in FiveStreet, click the Lead Sources tab > then click the copy icon beside your FiveStreet email address (see below).
Once you’ve got it, you’ll update all of your lead sources to use this address. (If you need help with this, you can find it here).

Lead sources

Step 2: Hook FiveStreet up with Top Producer CRM

In FiveStreet, go to Account > Add-Ons & Integrations to display the screen below. Click Configure > enter your Top Producer username > click Save. That’s it!

FiveStreet and TP


Now these are the basics of setting up FiveStreet. There’s lots more you can do, but you don’t have to. Two quick things before we part though:

  • By default, FiveStreet will send you lead notifications, but you can select what you want to be notified about and when. (Just go to Account > Notification Settings.)
  • You may want to customize the email and text responses that are sent to your leads. (To do this, go to Response > then click Customize.)

FiveStreet lead response

Whether you’ve had enough for one day or want to keep going, give yourself a pat on the back—you’ve done amazing! Whenever you’re ready, here are the next steps.

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