Now send Listing Alerts with your advanced snapshots!

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This one’s for George, Mark, Sheila, Meredith and the countless others who asked for it!! We’re super excited to tell you that you can now send Listing Alerts with your advanced Market Snapshots!

Truth be told, we’ve been chomping at the bit to make them available to you, because we understand the countless reasons why you use the advanced search method in the first place… You need to send snapshots for condo buildings, the basic filters don’t cut it, and you want a detailed snapshot. We also know the value the alert/snapshot combo brings to you guys, so this has been a top priority around here (as it should be).

So now when you create an advanced Market Snapshot, just select which listing alerts you want to send:

But I’m already sending advanced Market Snapshots! Now what?

Those already receiving advanced snapshots will only get alerts IF they’re getting a snapshot every 2 weeks or less, but you can change this with the click of a button (or two):

And a couple of other small but helpful tweaks:

You can now also set the frequency for your advanced Market Snapshots! (Basic has been able to do this for a while—what was with the favoritism?)

One last (teeny) change—if there was ever a doubt that the price on the sold alerts was the actual sold price, now it’s crystal clear!

So this release was pretty much all about the advanced snapshot, but it’s only fair. We hope you “advanced users” enjoy and thanks for your patience!

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