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The single biggest mistake people make when choosing a technology solution—next to not using it, of course—is choosing one that doesn’t fit your business. No technology solution is one size fits all.

Let’s take Follow-up Boss for example—this tidbit tells me it’s a good choice for teams with a fairly high spend on lead gen. The majority of agents do a lot more than just online lead gen to generate business though.

60-70% of your business can come from repeats and referrals, so you keep in touch with your sphere and past clients. Also, on any given day, you send direct mail and local circulars, and may work with estate attorneys, builders and investment groups. You may be lucky (and talented) enough to survive on FSBO’s and expireds. The point is, in addition to internet lead gen, there are a lot of other ways to generate business, depending on your area, skills and financial outlay.

The one thing you will hear consistently is that you need a CRM to help. I’d be hard pressed to find an agent that does 20+ transactions a year that doesn’t need a system to help them gain productivity. (Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends.) Your CRM should do a lot more than just keep track of your leads—it should intelligently coach you on what to do next.

  • Does it help you keep track of your sales pipeline? Prompting you to move your clients to the next stage and schedule a follow-up after a chat would be most helpful.
  • Does it magically know which of your past clients you haven’t reached out to in a while? Keeping in touch with them will lead to repeats and referrals, so should you dig through your database or have 5 presented to you daily? (I vote for the latter.)
  • Does it effortlessly send the most relevant neighborhood info to each of your clients (based only on the freshest MLS data, of course)?

Your CRM should have your back and be capable of growing with you as your business grows. It’s one thing to integrate with today’s best-of-breed solutions—everyone should do that. It’s quite another to also have a complete set of tools built by the same designers and developers. Not only does that equal less learning curve, but you know the components are there when you need them. Sounds flexible and simple to me—who doesn’t want that?

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  • Greg

    Great article. It’s so important to manage your contacts and follow up effectively.

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