Introducing Top Producer Broker

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We’re super excited to announce the release of a brand new productivity tool for brokers. Meet Top Producer Broker—the tool that makes managing your agents, assistants and teams a snap!

We’re still in the early stages of development, so not all of the fantastic features are available yet. What we do have right now though is everything you’ll need to administer your agents, assistants and teams.

Agent admin

We’re also hard at work on our Reporting features. While they’re not ready yet, the performance and usage intel they’ll give will be worth the wait. They’ll help make everyone accountable and keep you in the know. Transparency is a beautiful thing.

(If you want a sneak peek of the reports now, just email us at We’d love to show them to you!)

Agent report

If you like what you see and can’t wait to get started, email us at We’ll hook you up with everything you’ll need to start managing your teams today!

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