Mailbag for May 4th

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Our Office Hours webinars have been going swimmingly, thanks to some pretty awesome questions from our loyal listeners.

We’re well into the Spring selling season, so chances are you’re a busy lot. In the interest of giving you a little nudge to follow up with your peeps, this month’s mailbag focuses on effortless and effective follow-up (and giving your database a tune-up to make it all possible).


Q: How do I follow up with contacts?

A: Excellent question. Let’s start with the biggie—the Follow-up Coach gives you 5 clients a day you should connect with. Perhaps it’s been a while, or maybe they’re ready to buy soon and you need to up your game and reach out more. Whatever the reason, all you do have to do is:

1. Organize your database as you go. (Sounds daunting, but it isn’t—the next q&a gives you tips on how.)

2. Follow up when the Coach tells you to.

Follow-up Coach

Another great way to ensure follow-up is by using the Wrap up feature. Any time you reach out to a client from within Top Producer CRM on your mobile device, we’ll automatically prompt you to record details and schedule the next follow-up.

Wrap up

And of course action plans are a great way to ensure you follow up regularly. See the 3rd q&a for the inside scoop.

Q: What’s the best way to organize my database?

A: Whether you’re looking to do a mass mailout, are concerned about keeping things in order for the Follow-up Coach, or just want to get off on the right foot, these 2 organizational tools are where it’s at:

Contact types: Past clients, sphere of influence—tell Top Producer CRM who’s who by assigning contact types.

Contact types

Pipeline statuses: Track your business from new leads to closed deals. Update these statuses from the Sales Pipeline, the contact record, or wait for us to prompt you during Wrap Up after you connect. Easy, right?

Pipeline status

And to demonstrate how easy it is to reap the fruits of your labor, here’s an example on how to use contact types to perform actions on a specific group:

1. Search for a contact type in Top Producer CRM. (Go to Contacts > Search for Contacts > select a contact type.)

Search for contacts

2. Then, from the Search Results, check out all your options… You can send a mass email, a Market Snapshot, or click Mass Update to apply an action plan!

Search results

If your database isn’t the most organized on the block, don’t fret. You have to start somewhere, and a little contact type here and a pipeline status there will make a big difference in the long run!

Q: How do I use action plans

A: Well first, it depends on who you want to apply the plan to. If you want a plan for leads, look no further than the Simple Lead Conversion plan. See this post for the plan details and how you can automatically apply it to incoming leads.

Of course if you want to create your own plan, you can do that too:

1. In Top Producer CRM, go to Calendar > Plans Manager. If you want to tweak one of our plans, click the Copy action plan icon, or to create your own from scratch, click Create Plan.

Create plan

2. Click Add Activity to start adding items to your plan. You can schedule a call, to-do or mailing activity (either select an existing template or create your own).

Add plan activity

3. Once you’ve added all the activities to your plan, all you need to do now is apply it.

You can do this individually from the contact record:

Apply plan

Or use Mass Update to apply it to a group. (Go to Contacts > Search for Contacts > perform your search > click Mass Update.)

Mass update plan

We’ll stop there for this post—we know you’re busy. Be sure to check out our upcoming webinars, and if you have any ideas on topics you’d like to see posted here, by all means leave your comments/suggestions!

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