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Spend just a few minutes each day developing a strong Facebook campaign

If you’re an active Facebook user, you’re probably already sold on the benefits of this powerful networking medium to build your business, establish credibility, and stay in touch with everyone you know. With online searches being such an integral component of the home buying and selling process, it’s no wonder that so many REALTORs are embracing Facebook and using it in innovative ways.


Here are a few tips to help you get your page up and running:

Facebook Fan Page vs. Facebook Profile Page. Which one is right for you?
Facebook lends itself wonderfully to both professional and personal networking. In this respect, there are two types of pages you can set up: either a “Fan page” or a “Profile page.”

The main difference between both is that you get a network of anonymous “fans” when you set up a Fan page and a network of “friends” when you set up a Profile page. The latter tends to be an informal look at your personal world (in varying degrees) and the former tends to be much more professional in tone and appearance.

If you are keen to separate your personal life from your business endeavors, you’ll probably want to set up a Fan Page and if you prefer the personable nature of a Profile page, that’s the one for you. Obviously, there are advantages to both.

If you opt for a Fan Page, you can set up as many team members as you want to be page administrators, who can post content and edit settings. For administrators, one of the most interesting aspects of a Fan page is the Insights feature, which provides a wealth of information about your fans- where they live, their gender, age, as well as the quality of activity on your page, updated every 12 hours.
Selecting a User Name
Your next step is to set up a unique url to your page by registering a Facebook username. You’ll want to select one that is short and easy to distribute and remember. This will go a long way in helping to promote your page, as you can list it on business cards, email signatures, and ads. Go to to create yours.

Make sure you give this one some careful thought, as you cannot make any edits once you’ve clicked Submit!

Post excellent content… Frequently!

What kinds of things do you want to be known for among your sphere? If you’re active in your local community, post items of interest as they happen. Keep your page engaging by posting a variety of messages, notes, links and photos.
Don’t forget to comment on the postings of others, or even just hit “Like” if you are pressed for time. Everyone appreciates their posts being acknowledged and it’s a great way to remind your prospects and clients that you are part of their world.07-breakouts-ma1-2

Be prepared to share some details of your personal life so it doesn’t look like you’re just using Facebook for your own advertising. Nobody wants to be “friends” with someone who’s just going to aggressively sell and market to them.

Join groups and participate in conversations
Don’t concentrate exclusively on growing your network with prospects and clients. Make sure you’re also cultivating your profile among your peers. As you know, networking with other agents is a great way to discuss best practices, as well as gain clients and referrals.

ActiveRain and RealTown are just two of the top forums for REALTORs®. Thousands of agents have also joined our Top Producer Facebook page, where they share marketing tips with each other, and get product tutorials and insider news from us. Visit to join.


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