Market Snapshot Trends–take 2

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In case you missed it, a few weeks ago we introduced new Market Snapshot trends that help tell the story of what’s going on in the market. In our ongoing quest to bring your sellers the most personalized report ever, we’ve made a few more tweaks.

It’s no secret that first impressions matter, and in today’s world of short attention spans, time is of the essence. Studies say you’ve got around 7 seconds, but no pressure… You just need to make sure your marketing is personal so it resonates with people and massively intelligent.

No problem—you got this.

The newly-designed email now contains just a teaser stat or 2 to grab their attention, and 1 simple call to action—view the report!

So naturally, they open it.

New snapshot email

And when they do, their humble abode is front and center. (How’s that for personal?)

Property picture

Not only that, but they’ll see how their home stacks up compared to others on the market. (You’re so smart.)

If we can determine that their property is listed as on market, we’ll show them how their asking price and days on market compare to others in the area.


(Of course if we can’t determine if their property is listed as on market, we’ll just show the averages of comparables as usual.)

That’s it for now, but rest easy knowing that in those few seconds it took for them to scan the email, open their tailored report and take in those meaningful stats, you so nailed it.

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  • Anonymous

    I look forward to getting started and DOING IT!

  • Ron

    Being able to create a map-based search around the area of our prospects homes would make creating the MS so much easier and more relevant. I realize we can tweak and filter to a certain extent but there are times when for example I just want a particular condo complex…not homes surrounding it in the zip…and I have to tweak multiple times to eliminate irrelevant data.

  • Doug Perry

    Simple, personal, relevant…I love it!

  • jERRY cOOK

    Video clips of 15 seconds or less would be a nice addition.

  • Katy

    This is impressive! Thanks!
    Look forward to seeing the impact!
    Would love to know when we can see open rates on action plan emails.

    • Doug Perry

      Yes, open/click rates on emails would be awesome. Right now, I have to use MailChimp to get intel.

  • Anonymous

    Very Cool I like what TP is doing to make our job easier.

  • mike ToSte

    Very nice, thanks for continuing to improve the market snapshot. Any timeline on having improved (higher convention rate) call to action landing pages we could use?

    Very much appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    Love it!

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