Market Snapshot trends—now better than ever

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As a fabulous real estate agent with mad skills and knowledge, you’ve likely been asked these questions once or twice (or 3000x) before:

Common questions

It’s understandable—for most, their home is their largest investment. Sadly though, consumers are getting incorrect answers via inaccurate market statistics (can you say Zestimate?), which gives you the most unfun job ever—shedding a little reality on the situation.

What consumers really need, apart from you in their pocket as they search the web, are simple, easy-to-understand insights.

Well, we’re happy to report, here they are—new Market Snapshot trends that tell the precise (and accurate) story of what’s going on in the market:

Market Snapshot statistics

We’re hoping the eye-catching and simplistic view of the new statistics will entice consumers to click through and learn more about the market. Even if they don’t though, with the additional context we’ve added to the statistics, they’ll at least have an idea of what’s going on in the market.

And since it’s so important to have your messaging consistent, these changes appear across the board regardless of what device they’re using. Here’s a peek at what it looks like on mobile:

Stats on mobile

Alright, I dig, but what happened to the map?

The map is still there—we’ve just changed the view that consumers will see first. Now when they open their report, sellers will see their very own property pinpointed on the satellite view (oh my!), while buyers will see a satellite view of the area they’re interested in—it doesn’t get more personal than that!

And don’t fret—the trusty map view is just a click away (via the Map pin in the top right).

Map view

That’s it for now, but there will be more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! And if you have any questions or just can’t wait to get more info on these fabulous stats, join our webinar on February 2nd.

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  • Anonymous

    I LOVE the product but we need to be able to narrow down by specific neighborhood not just the zip code. A map search would be great!

  • Kamal

    I think you need to stop trying to make it look better and get that Polygon button before you do anything else. thanks for share a good idea about snapshot…

    • crodgers

      To generate a Market Snapshot we go directly to the MLS to get the freshest most up-to-date data. Almost all MLS’s provide us with what is called a RETS data feed. At this time, the poloygon search is not part of the RETS protocol, so it’s very hard for us to offer you this type of search. We will continue to work with our MLS partners to provide you with the best user interface that we can.

  • Wendi Sheets

    Definitely a good start but the searches reveal sometimes “SHOCKING” values to clients. We really need the ability to dial down further and establish TRUE comparable searches for our clients.

  • Anonymous

    This product does not “Dial Down” far enough . . . We need many more search options to customize for our clients

  • Doug miller

    I’ve been debating dropping ‘Market Snapshot’ because of the lack of a Polygon tool. I sell a number of homes in a local golf course community, but every tracker that I’ve setup includes Quadrant Homes and non-comparable properties in the recaps, which hurts the credibility of the tracker. Someone that lives on a golf course or on a waterfront doesn’t want to know what’s selling a few blocks away, he/she wants to know what’s selling that’s like his/her home. Like one of the other commenters above, I’ve called in the suggestion to the Help Desk and got the typical “Help Desk Speak”. It’s a long overdue feature that would add a substantial value to my snapshots — As it is now, I have less than 10% of my clients loaded in the Snapshot to avoid sending them poor information that doesn’t relate to their homes, which is giving me very little value for my monthly fee.

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