Common Market Snapshot puzzlers and what to do about them

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We really want you to succeed with Market Snapshot. We really do. And if you follow a few simple guidelines, you will.

In the spirit of helping you get there, we’ve laid out a few common puzzlers that could potentially hinder the kicking of real estate bootie. In no particular order, here they are.

1) The Market Snapshots I’m sending are too vague and don’t target the client’s area.

You know you need to send them relevant snapshots, so the first thing you need to do is ask yourself what they want to know and then tailor the snapshot accordingly. Here are 3 examples of consumers with very different wants and how you can use Market Snapshot to target all of them.

JimMeet Jim. He’s not picky, he just knows what he wants. He has a very few specific neighborhoods in mind and can’t live without an ocean view (apparently). How do you use Market Snapshot to give Jim what he wants?

Jim is the perfect candidate for the Advanced Search, which helps you really drill down to the heart of what they want. Using it, you can select features like waterfront properties, multiple zip codes, etc, and even preview it before you send to make sure you’re sending the message you want.

Advanced search

MaryMary, on the other hand, doesn’t quite know what she wants. Just that she needs a nice little yard for herself and her 12 cats. How do you show Mary all the wonderful properties that could house her and her (eek) 12 furry friends?

Send her more than one Market Snapshot. (Yep, I said it.) Send her one for the Glenview area that’s within walking distance to all the (pet) shops, and another for Kirkwood, which is just a stone’s throw from the community center. Show Mary just how many options she has.

Kurt and SarahAnd last but not least, meet Kurt and Sarah—the newlyweds. They want a condo in the city that’s close to all amenities, restaurants and night life. They have a very strict price point to stick to though. How do you show Kurt and Sarah all that the city has to offer without dangling too-pricey carrots in their faces?

Send them a buyer snapshot with their specific price range. It’s as simple as that. (You should never, ever send a buyer snapshot without specifying a price range. Ever.)

Price range

You get the drift… Paying attention to the questions your clients are asking will get you further than just sending vague and irrelevant snapshots.

2. The new landing pages aren’t converting as well as I’d hoped.

Our new (dang, they’re pretty!) landing pages are a great tool for your arsenal, but they can’t be your sole focus. To get the most out of Market Snapshot, you need to pick contacts and set them up yourself (and tailor, tailor, tailor — you read the above, right?). Relying on your customers to sign up doesn’t convert as well as lending a helping hand and giving them answers to their questions on a silver platter.

Landing pages

3. My clients don’t agree with their property’s value that’s shown on the snapshot.

Market Snapshot is just that—a snapshot of market conditions and listings. It’s not a valuation of their house. It’s a (very accurate and engaging) conversation-starter that can do many things like make you the neighborhood expert, keep you top of mind, etc. One thing it won’t do though—tell the customer the value of their home. They need you for that. In spite of what they may read about zestimates and AVMs, don’t let your customers be fooled. They need the services of a professional to value their most expensive investment. Period.

4. I want to convert more open-house leads by sending them snapshots, but my sign-in sheet isn’t cutting it.

Bright OpenWhen you have an open house, you need a compelling reason for a lead to contact you. Free with your Market Snapshot subscription, the Bright Open application eliminates the need for a (dusty, old) sign-in sheet. Instead, open house visitors can add their contact info to Bright Open, so you can later send them Market Snapshots on the local neighborhood. Guess who they’ll call for more info when they need it?



Whew—you  made it through the entire post! Good for you! Your perseverance will pay off and you’ll be kicking some you-know-what in no time.

Want more tips? Check out 6 Ways to Turbo Charge Market Snapshot and Make your Market Snapshot open rates soar. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Pam Potoczek

    We have had MS in 2 states and have had to discontinue it in one of the states due to no ability to draw a polygon and/or no school district search. I love MS so hope those features are added soon so we can sign back up again. Thank you for continuing to improve the product.

  • Lauren Bianco

    i like the open house tool – bright open – though, how, exactly do you access it? Through, marketsnapshot or simply directly @ //

  • Beata kolpek

    Excellent comments! I wish market snapshot would allow us to use school district number instead of school name . The suggestion to use radius would be excellent also !

  • William

    I like the tips there very healthful. A wish markets snapshot was more easy to use. Please let me know whenever you update the program to use Draw radius, Draw rectangle, Draw polygon tools. And I will be one of the first ones to come back Market Snapshot.

    • crodgers

      Thanks William. I’ve forwarded your request on to our Product Group. We’d love to have you back!

  • Thomas McEvoy

    I love these tips. I am always on the fence about continuing using the product, and appreciate this. Please also consider a google hangout or webinar with agents who know how to use it and can show best practices.

  • Greg Libby

    Great post! What device(s) can you use for the BrightOpen application?

    • crodgers

      Thanks Greg! Bright Open works best on tablets and laptop/desktop computers. Hope this helps!

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