Looking back on 2013

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It’s the time of year where we sit back and take a look at the year that’s just passed. It was a big one and we owe you a huge thanks for all your suggestions and feedback!

In case you missed anything, here’s a quick recap of the things we accomplished together.

10) Top Producer Ultimate Business Plan: To kick the year off, we gave you a tool to help you set your goals and stick to them. How’d you do?
For those that missed it, you’re in luck! January is just around the corner—what perfect timing! Just enter your goals and we’ll help you track them!

9) Important dates: Take your customer service to another level by recording your clients’ important dates and events. When chatting with them on the phone, just view their record so you can mention their anniversaries, charitable events, their kid’s graduation or upcoming home anniversary.

8) Wrap up on your desktop: Like us, you’re probably tired of wrapping gifts, but you’ll like this kind of wrap up! We brought one of your favorite mobile features onto the desktop. Now, you can wrap up a lead the same way you’d wrap them up on your smart phone. Easily update their status, record a note and schedule a follow-up in one fell swoop… or key clicks.

7) ‘Quick’ solutions: Admittedly, the names aren’t the greatest, but that’s what you get when your development team comes up with the names. Let’s start, shall we?

  • Quicklead Clipper – With this cool little Chrome extension, you can capture a friend’s info from Facebook or LinkedIn without having to type!
  • Quicklead – Not to be confused with the clipper, this is an easy way to add leads into Top Producer CRM. Just go to this page, enter a couple of details and voilà! The lead appears in Top Producer!
  • Quick Snapshot – For those of you with Market Snapshot, here’s a… wait for it… quick way of sending a Market Snapshot to a contact that you can either enter manually or pull from your Google contacts!

6) Sales Pipeline report: We introduced you to the Sales Pipeline in 2012, and since then it’s helped you track your business from new leads to closed deals. But you want to know which lead sources provide the best ROI, right? This report tracks all leads by source over any timeframe. It’ll tell you which lead sources close and which ones don’t (provided you’re moving your clients to the Closed bucket—you are, aren’t you?).

5) Quick response emails: We’ve updated (and continue to update) some finely crafted, friendly emails containing natural language and pirate slang.  You can find them in this email category: Follow-up coach quick response emails. Okay, so we took out the pirate templates as that demographic stopped buying homes a long time ago. Nonetheless, use them, modify them, but above all, keep in touch with your contacts! We hope this makes it easier.

4) Team permissions: For those that need to keep their data secure and away from the prying eyes of their peers, we added the team security feature just for you.

3) Email communication history: While a lot more recent, we’ve had some really great feedback on this feature! Gone are the days of checking Gmail (or another program) for email you’ve sent/received. Just hook these accounts up to Top Producer CRM and all related email appears in the associated contact records. We call it magic (IMAP magic for the techy types).

2) Lead aggregation: Finally. Stop the madness of having your leads go to multiple systems. Have them all come to one place—Top Producer CRM—where you can work your magic. Get leads from Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com, Listhub, etc. all in your Top Producer database.

1) Follow-up Coach: We saved the best for last (we’re quite fond of the coach). All that valuable data in your database, locked up tight, ripe with (repeat) opportunity. If only it could speak to you… And now it can! For those taking advantage of our wonderful coach—and many have sung its praises—give yourself a pat on the back for follow up well done. But don’t rest on your laurels. 2014 awaits and your coach will be ready with a new set of 5…. So, get back to work!

Happy holidays folks and all the best to you and yours from everyone here at Top Producer. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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