Listing & sold alerts—now delivered in 1 sweet package

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Here’s a little something sweet to go with your Thanksgiving dinner… Now there’s no denying that Listing Alerts and Market Snapshot are the perfect power couple. Together they deliver meaningful, personalized and relevant content for the areas your clients care most about. Well, they just got better.

Packing the same punch, you can still notify your clients when there’s a price change, new listing or sold property in their area of interest—only now, you can send a summary once a day, wrapped up in this attractive package. (Of course you can continue sending up-to-the-minute alerts if you want—the choice is yours.)

Listing Alert Summary Email

All of the price change, new listing and sold alerts that have occurred in last 24 hours will be included, and when they click to see more details, they’ll see this beauty of a landing page (complete with key details and the ability to view additional info):

Listing Alert landing page

This is awesome! How do I start sending this?

When creating a snapshot, just select the alerts you want to send and when you want to send them—in real time or once daily.

New snapshot

What about my existing snapshots?

They’ll continue to receive real-time alerts (if you chose that option), but switching to once daily is a cinch.


And of course all the awesome intel—who’s viewing what and when—will still be tracked and recorded for your sleuth-y purposes. Hope you enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think!

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  • Anonymous

    As a long time top producer user is there anything I need to set up or is this created when I create my market snapshots?

    • crodgers

      Thanks for the question. You’re right, Listing Alerts are turned on by default when you create your Market Snapshots. You can specify which alerts you want to send as well as how often you want to send them.

  • Jeff

    Do you think sending an email everyday vs. once a week has the same impact? Do clients tend to gloss over as they are receiving this everyday? Interested in your thoughts as you are the experts.

    • crodgers

      Hi Jeff, thanks for your question. It depends on a few factors, including the listing inventory in your area & the client’s stage in the buying/selling lifecycle. If they’re active, consider sending real-time alerts to stay ahead of the competition. However, in areas that have a lot of inventory you should roll them up even if they are active so your client doesn’t feel inundated with alerts. In general, we believe the roll-up is the best option.

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