The cat is officially out of the bag now—the letter editor changes are here!

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Last week we gave you a heads up about some upcoming changes to the way you edit your letters. We’re happy to report these changes are now live in your Top Producer CRM!

And if you missed it and letter templates in Top Producer CRM are part of your marketing prowess, you’ll definitely want to give this a quick read.

To recap, here’s the lowdown on what we did, why we did it, and how it affects you.

What did we do?

We switched to a new editor for letters.


The reasons are twofold. First, while the editor we used to create/edit letter templates has served us well, it’s based on old technology and is slowly being put out to pasture by today’s popular browsers. In the near future, Google Chrome will be blocking the plug-in used by the editor for safety and security reasons. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Firefox, Internet Explorer and others will soon be following suit.

Second, to those that ♥ Apple products, we’ve made this change so that you can now create and edit letter templates on your Mac—yay!


What does this mean for Windows users?

You’ve got a brand new shiny editor to create/edit your letters. (Don’t fret Mac users; you’ve got the same one.) You may have met the new editor—we already use it for email templates.

Chances are this will be a smooth transition for you. The new editor doesn’t require you to install a thing and it’s supremely easy to use.

That said, with all new things, there may be a hiccup or two only when you edit your existing letter templates. Don’t panic—we’ve laid out all the details for you here. If you frequently edit your templates, you’ll want to take 2 minutes to read the article so you’re in the know.

What does this mean for Mac users?

I’ve already let the cat out of the bag—you can now create letters in Top Producer CRM (finally)!

That’s it, that’s all. We hope you enjoy.

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  • Beverly rutkoski

    I spoke with a Sean on Monday and pointed out to him that my personal letters, when in the view method look great, however when you go to the print preview view the type is really small and does not allow you to change the font size. He advised me that there was a glitch in the new conversion and that it would be taken care of. I tried again to print my letters, but the small print still appears. please advise.

    Thank you,
    Beverly Rutkoski
    Transaction Coordinator for the Rachel Witt Team

    • crodgers

      Hi Beverly, we are currently working on addressing the issue you mentioned, and as soon as we release it, I’ll let you know about it here!

  • Marilyn K

    I have several notes that are to be printed on different size note cards…..I cannot get it to set up correctly on the template. I changed the font and font size and it appears to be correct on the template but then prints very small. Can I no longer use Top Producer to print notes as in thank you or congratulatory notes? Advise –

    • crodgers

      Hi Marilyn, I’ll be forwarding your info to our Customer Care group who will contact you shortly. They’ll be able to assist you with the issue you’ve been having.

  • BEVvAN

    I don’t care for this at all. Obviously have no choice but to use it, but don’t see it as an improvement with our inner office work. We relied on headers to print our letter head on many of our templates. Now will have to change paper in the printer or change to printers with tray selection. Don’t like the menu for the font, etc.

  • Anonymous

    When I went to print out a letter, it was completely blank. When I print a mass letter project, will each one need to be edited? That will take way too much time.
    Kathy Hartger (

    • crodgers

      Hi Kathy, I’ll be forwarding your info to our Customer Care group who will contact you shortly. They’ll be able to assist you with the issue you’ve been having.

  • Paul Chase

    I assume that editors for postcards will be following suite.

    • crodgers

      Hi there, I don’t know a concrete plan yet, but our Product group is looking into a number of options. One being possibly partnering with a best-of-breed postcard provider that offers direct mail capabilities. I’ll keep you posted here of any updates.

  • Cory Barnett

    When you make a change that hinders one from editing, please make the notice obnoxiously large and/or an odd color so as to stick out. I thought something was wrong with my computer. It is very frustrating because a lot of times I am short on time and need to see the notice quick.


    • Cory Barnett

      I have 30 minutes to do 1 1/2 hours of work which is on a dead line. Where do I download the new editor?

      • crodgers

        Hi Cory, duly noted—thanks for the suggestion. I’ve forwarded it to the team for future consideration.

        And good news—you don’t have to download anything to use the new editor! Just open up a letter and you’re good to go.

  • Chris Furgerson

    The conversion thing does not show up

    • crodgers

      Hi Chris, the conversion message only appears when you edit a personal template that we had to convert. If the message doesn’t appear, the template wasn’t converted and you don’t need to do anything.

      This article lays out what you can expect when templates need to be converted and what you should do: //
      Maybe give it a quick read and let us know if we can help!

  • Anonymous

    Keep the improvements coming thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness!!!!! My office is 100% Macs and our agent workstation Windows machines are “dogs” so I am thrilled with this. Thank you for finally getting with the MacOS program!

  • Anonymous

    Oh geez. I spent hours and hours and hours working on my letters to add my logo. Now everything has to be redone. I can’t even find how to get an address on 3 lines – name on one line, address on the next line, and city state on the 3rd line. Could you please let me know which merge code to use to get the address on 3 lines instead of 1? And please don’t tell me to call the 800# – the hold time is over 20 minutes long! #goodgrief

    • crodgers

      Hi there, thanks for taking the time to comment and sorry to hear the frustration you’ve been experiencing. I can say that we are working on addressing the issue you mentioned, and as soon as we release it, I’ll let you know about it here!

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