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You get leads from a multitude of sources. Is it too much to ask that they all come in to one place where you can manage and make magical things happen? We think not.

And so, the story begins…

Over 80 lead providers now supported (including Zillow and Trulia)

We have a new email address for you, and it’s not just any old email address… It’s a special one that will automatically and seamlessly funnel all of your leads into Top Producer CRM!

It’s a cinch to set up. Just grab your new address from the Settings area (shown below) and update your lead notification address in your lead vendor site. When you do, whenever leads inquire about a listing on these sites, a new contact will automatically be created in Top Producer CRM!

Want to know if this will work with your lead provider? The odds are in your favor. Click here to find out!

And in the spirit of unity, now get complete email history in your contact records

In case you missed it, on Halloween we gave you something better than candy… Searching for emails outside of Top Producer CRM and having to copy/paste emails into your contact’s notes was no way to live, so we came up with a way for you to see those all-important emails in your Top Producer CRM records.

All you have to do is tell Top Producer CRM where to get your email and then bring up a contact record to see all email you’ve sent since the beginning of time. Better than a Mars bar, right?

Bye for now!

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