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If it feels like we just made some tweaks for you in Top Producer CRM, we did! And we’re here to tell you we did it again! Some of these updates are applicable if you use FiveStreet and Market Snapshot, and some are just because we care.

Smarter leads with FiveStreet

To all you Fiver (aka FiveStreet) and Top Producer CRM users—we’ve got good news for you! FiveStreet leads you receive in Top Producer CRM just got a whole lot more social!

Lead intel
FiveStreet has been giving you the lowdown on your leads for a while; tirelessly scouring the web for background info on all of your leads.

Well now all this intel—which no doubt gives you the competitive advantage—is sent to Top Producer CRM as well, making first contact a lot warmer than just a name and phone number.

So now when FiveStreet sends a lead, if the lead’s social media profile can be found, here’s what you’ll get in Top Producer CRM:

social-media– Their picture and gender

– The company they work for (including location and their title)

– Links to their social media profiles & whether their phone # is valid

So you’ll know a crazy amount about the lead before you even say hello!

And the new Inactive status we released in Top Producer CRM a couple of weeks ago now syncs over to FiveStreet too.

Market Snapshots just got easier to send to your leads

So easy in fact, you just have to flick a switch and your leads will automatically get Market Snapshots! This has applied to realtor.com and FiveStreet leads for a while, but it now also applies to all of your lead providers that are using your lead notification (@myleads.io) email address!

Market Snapshot auto-fulfill

Our import tool is a little friendlier

If you’re importing data from Market Leader, rest easy. It’s now even easier to import your stuff into Top Producer CRM. (I’ll spare you the technical jargon—it all comes down to our fields matching up with theirs a bit better.)

Oh, and you can now map a field for all other imports to the Source in Top Producer CRM too.

Import tool

And one last little bug we squashed

(Not really—we’re too kind for that.) For your (lucky) clients that have so many properties you needed to scroll to see them all in the contact record, we’re pleased to report that you can now, in fact, scroll to see all the properties. 🙂 In Windows 8 or 10, there were some scroll issues, but we’ve fixed ’em!

That’s it for now, but with all this intel and automation in your corner, we have no doubt you’ll be making sparkling impressions that will last!

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  • Rusty Johnson

    Now if you could oooooonly attach seller net sheets to their corresponding contact records, that’d eliminate alot of scrolling.

    Thanks for all the continued improvements to an already awesome program!

  • Lois Hughes

    Thank you. I already receive TP8i emails. Please do not duplicate, if that would be the case. Thank you!

  • Mike Easton

    Just keeps getting better. Nice going. I hope you fix the scroll issues.

  • Anonymous

    Love it!

  • Anonymous


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