Mailbag for June 9th

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We’ve been at these Office Hours webinars for awhile now. It’s been over 1/2 a year since our 1st one, and we don’t think there’s a better way to spend our Wednesday mornings than with you, our loyal listeners, as you ask us some pretty insightful questions.

We recently introduced 2 very cool updates to Top Producer CRM—Office 365 integration and the Calendar Feed feature. Being the new kids on the block, naturally a lot of your questions have been focused on these two. So, in an effort to help you get to know them a little better (you’ll like them—promise), here are your top q’s on each.

Calendar Feed

Q: Does this work with Google Calendar?

A: Currently, no. While you can add a Calendar Feed to Google, changes you make to that calendar won’t be reflected in Google at this point. There’s not much we can do on our end until this issue has been addressed by Google. We’ll keep you notified of any changes here though.

Q: I don’t see the Apple option under the Integrations tab.

A: Indeed you can use the Calendar Feed feature with your Apple Calendar. Look no further than the Copy button in the Calendar Feed section (not the Integration Type section). Once you copy the link, you can paste it into your Apple Calendar (steps are here).

Copy button

Q: How do I get this on my iPhone?

A: How you set up the Calendar Feed depends on what Apple products you have. If you have multiple (a Mac, iPhone and/or iPad), you may want to use an iCloud account, which will keep all devices in sync.

On the contrary, if you just want it on 1 Apple device, here are the steps:


1.  From the Settings area on your iPhone or iPad, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2. In the Mail section, tap Add Account > then tap Other.

3. Tap Add Subscribed Calendar > enter or paste the link you copied in Top Producer CRM.


1. Open your calendar.

2. Select File > New Calendar Subscription.

3. Paste the link you copied (CMD + V) > then click Subscribe.

4. To make sure changes you make in Top Producer CRM are reflected in this calendar, change the Auto-refresh frequency to Every day > then click OK.

Office 365 integration

Q: Why don’t I see the Integrations tab in my account?

A: The responsible agent for your team just needs to give you access. Have him/her go to the My Account area > click the Team Members tab > click your name:

My account

Then, in the Set Permissions… section, enable the integration (as shown below).

Set permissions

Then you’ll be good to go!

Q: If I already have my Office 365 contacts in Top Producer CRM, will there be duplicates?

A: If your Office 365 contacts already exist in Top Producer CRM, there will be duplicates. (As soon as you enable the integration, all of your Office 365 contacts are sent to Top Producer CRM.) You can easily merge them by going to Contacts > Show Duplicates though.

Show duplicates

Q:  Does the Office 365 integration work on a Mac, and does it work with Outlook 2016?

A: Mac: Yes, the Office 365 integration works on a Mac.

Outlook 2016: The Calendar Feed feature does work with Outlook 2016. There is no contact integration for Outlook 2016 though. (Currently we have contact integration for Office 365 and Outlook 2007/2010/2013 using Outlook Sync.)

That’s it for this post. Hopefully we answered some burning questions on these new features. Feel free to leave more in the comments, and be sure to check out our upcoming webinars! (Psst, Chris Smith is popping by on June 16th to tell you how to turn 1 listing into many more!)

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