Mailbag for July 13th

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It’s no secret that Wednesday mornings are our favorite because we get to meet with you during our Office Hours webinars. ♥ Well, we’re pretty excited to hear that the feeling is mutual. Here’s what Francine had to say about our time together:

Customer feedback

Aw, shucks… Thank you for that amazing feedback, Francine, and keep the questions coming! (And for those that haven’t attended our Office Hours webinars yet, be sure to check them out! It’s your chance to get answers to any burning questions you may have.)

Enough with the chit chat—here are this week’s top 5.

Q: What are the benefits of using Reesio and Top Producer CRM together?

A: We all bring our own strengths to the table, and when it comes to relationships, Top Producer CRM is the master. From lead capture to making that first connection, to conversion and past client nurturing, the entire client lifecycle is handled with intuitive and responsive intelligence.

And when it comes to transaction management, Reesio is where it’s at. Providing a meeting place where all parties involved in a real estate transaction can gather and share information, Reesio brings transparency and simplicity to an involved and complex process.

Together, these 2 tell quite a story…

A lead comes in—you’re immediately notified in Top Producer CRM. An email is sent on your behalf, and when you do follow up, details of the conversation are recorded and the next follow-up is scheduled.

Lead conversion

As time goes on, you work your magic, track your touchpoints and update their status as they move through the pipeline.

Sales pipeline

Only the best of teammates know each other’s strengths, so when they’re ready to buy or sell, Top Producer CRM throws the ball over to Reesio for transaction management.

In Reesio, you can import listings direct from your MLS, so you click a button or two to create the transaction.

Create transaction

And you add transaction members simply by searching your Top Producer CRM contacts:

Search contacts

When the transaction is complete, Reesio updates the contact in Top Producer CRM to Closed and the ball is thrown back. The Coach reminds you to stay in touch and to nurture this very important relationship, which leads to loyal fans, repeat business and referrals.

The End.

Q: Oh, I like the sounds of that… How do I integrate the two?

A: If you have both products already, all you need to do is hook them up!

In Reesio, go to Account Settings > click the Integrations tab > click Connect Top Producer and enter your Top Producer CRM username.

Connect Top Producer

And if you don’t yet have Reesio but you’re curiosity is piqued, give us a call at 1-800-821-3657. We’d love to help.

Q: How can I get my MLS listings into Top Producer CRM?

A: You need a license to import data from your MLS. If you don’t have one, call our Customer Care group at 1-800-830-8300 to add your MLS.

The next thing to do is set it up! Don’t worry—it’s easy:

1. From the Settings area in Top Producer CRM, click the 3rd Party Setup tab > then click your MLS to enter your login credentials.

3rd party setup

2. Once you’ve done that, then you can import property info in to Top Producer CRM. To do this when adding a listing record, on the Add Listing form, enter the MLS number of the listing > select Include photos when importing (if you want photos) > then click Import MLS Data.

Listing import

(If you don’t know the MLS number, you can click MLS Number Look-up to search for it.)

Q: How do I separate one agent’s clients from another agent?

A: If you have a team account, here are 3 easy ways to assign contacts to the appropriate agent:

1) The Follow-up Coach will show unassigned contacts to the team leader, so when following up with their daily five, it’s the perfect time to assign and organize contacts.

Follow-up Coach unassigned

2) You can also assign contacts to an agent individually from the Lead Info tab in the contact record:

Assign to agent

3) Or update multiple contacts by performing a search and then assigning them to the agent. (Go to Contacts > Search for Contacts > enter your search criteria > then, from the results page, click Mass Update as shown below.)

Mass update

Then you can assign the contacts to a specific agent via the Assigned to field.

Mass update assign to agent

Q: How do I get intel about the Market Snapshot reports I send, like when a lead opens a report?

A: Each week we’ll send you a Market Snapshot summary report that tells you who your biggest fans are and how many Market Snapshot reports and Listing Alerts you’ve sent in the past week.

Snapshot report

You can also see the status of the reports you send from the Top Marketer Control Panel.

Control panel

And, if you subscribe to Top Producer CRM, you can also see details in the Notifications tab in the contact record. See this post for details.

That’s it for now, but be sure to check out our upcoming webinars, and take some time to enjoy the summer! Sun icon

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