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We want you to be the best real estate agent ever. That’s why our recent webinars have focused on strategies and tips on real estate’s hottest topics, hand-delivered by some of the most influential speakers in the real estate industry no less.

Our next webinar is no exception. Join Jim Marks, Internet Marketing Specialist, on July 14th as he reveals the keys key-icon to better conversion, including:

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For those that don’t know Jim, he’s one of the top Real Estate Tech speakers in the country & head of the renowned real estate marketing team at Virtual Results. Jim specializes in web design, search engine marketing and integrated social media. Simply put, there’s no better person to tell you what works in the land of online real estate marketing—and what doesn’t.

We know you want more than just an online presence—you want results. So register for the webinar on July 14th from 10-11 PST and learn how to get them. apple-book

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