Introducing SOLD listing alerts

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Okay, so we know Listing Alerts truly are unique… Using the freshest MLS data, you (effortlessly) tell your clients the minute there’s a new listing or price change in their area of interest. But let’s be real for a sec… Don’t your clients want to know what the house down the street sold for too? You bet they do and guess who’s going to tell them!

Introducing SOLD ALERTS!

Bob and Cathy want to sell soon… They know it’s a pretty good time because they check out your snapshots every few months.

Cathy goes out for a walk in the neighborhood and sees the Sold sign on the Parker house down the street. (Wow that was quick!) She sends a text to Bob and wonders how much they got. A minute later, her phone beeps that she has an email. She opens up this beauty from you, answering the question she didn’t even have to ask. (Aren’t you helpful and timely?)

Alright, this worked wonders with Bob and Cathy, but what about your past clients? Would they want to receive listing alerts too? You betcha! Who doesn’t want to know what the neighbor’s house sold for? So send snapshots automatically to your past clients once or twice a year and sold alerts along with! Curiosity won’t kill the cat… They’ll be more informed and you’ll be the top dog!


And a few other tweaks we made

Now you have complete control over the alerts that are sent…

You asked—we listened! You control who receives listing alerts and which ones they receive!

Doing this is a cinch—when creating a snapshot, just select the alerts you want to send.

And those already receiving your snapshots will only get alerts if they’re getting snapshots every 2 weeks or less, but now changing this is easy peasy too…

Market Snapshot frequency change

Just a heads up when you’re creating new snapshots—we’ve changed the default Market Snapshot schedule from 4 weeks to 2 weeks. (So if you’re creating a new snapshot and don’t change the schedule, the client will receive snapshots every 2 weeks instead of 4.) As always though, changing this when you create the snapshot is easy:

And last but not least, clients can now change their own snapshot/alert criteria!

If your clients are receiving listing alerts, now they can change their existing snapshot/alert area, or they can request additional reports for another area!

That’s it for now! We hope you enjoy the new alerts and added flexibility!

Want to learn or see more? We’d love to help! Give us a call at 1-800-821-3657, or check out this article for some FAQs. And if you don’t have it yet but want it, visit our online store!

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  • Steven

    Is there a way to do this in a mile radius instead of by zip code? They are getting too many alerts.

    • crodgers

      Hi, thanks for your question. Currently this isn’t possible, but I know our Product group is looking into it. I’ve forwarded your suggestion to them!

  • Carrie

    When you set someone new up on this do they have to click on an opt-in in order to get the alerts?

    • crodgers

      Hi Carrie. No, your clients don’t have to opt in, though they do have an option to opt out of receiving alerts if they want to.

      All of your clients that receive snapshots every 2 weeks or less will automatically get Listing Alerts. You’ll only need to turn alerts on for those clients that receive snapshots every 4 weeks or more. See the above post on how to enable Listing Alerts for these, but if you have a large number of snapshots that need to be updated, Customer Care can automate this for you.

  • Jeff O'Grady

    Can we sent the market snapshot to multiple email addresses?

    • crodgers

      Hi Jeff! No, you’d have to create a snapshot for each email address you want to send to. This is a good suggestion though—I’ve forwarded it to the Product group!

  • Alex Matveev

    Awesome stuff, when is it going to be available in Canada?

    • crodgers

      Hi Alex, currently Listing Alerts aren’t available in Canada, but we are working on a Canadian solution! Unfortunately I can’t provide a time frame right now, but thanks for your interest and patience!

  • MARIGOLD Hernly

    Is Market snapshot an sutomatic part of my subscription or do I have to purchase it separately?

    • crodgers

      Hi Marigold, thanks for the question. You do have to subscribe to Market Snapshot in order to use it and send Listing Alerts. If you want to check out what the system can do for you, details are here: //

  • AnnMarie Hamilton

    are these available with HIS Hawaii?

    • crodgers

      Hi AnnMarie, great news for you—Market Snapshot is available for those of you in Hawaii using HIS!

  • dan

    I’ve got the same issues with pending listings not showing up on the reports. I had spoken to TP and they are blaming the MLS. Report is incomplete if you can’t include pendings into the report in some form or fasion….cant just leave them off.

    • crodgers

      I understand the frustration. Unfortunately it does depend on your MLS whether pending listings appear on the snapshot or not. If you reply to this comment with your MLS info, I can forward it to the Product group. They can contact your MLS to see what’s feasible. Hope this helps.

  • Wayne

    Hi, Can we use Market Snapshot in Australia?

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