Changes they are a comin’… for Market Snapshot

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Update as of October 30th: After we sent this out, a number of you gave us valuable feedback, so we tweaked a couple of things in our consumer email redesign. See #1 below for details.

badge-soon-redNo Halloween candy here… Something else is causing our excitement and we can’t wait to tell you about it! We’ll be releasing an update to Market Snapshot in November and want to give you the inside scoop.

At the center of why we made these changes lies the goldfish. Our average attention span has taken a nosedive to a sad 8 seconds. The almighty goldfish is 9 seconds… Ahem. (We had the fish beat at 12 seconds back in 2000 btw.)

This means you better get the point across in your email marketing within the first few seconds. Otherwise it’ll be trashed. No pressure. (%#@*)

Which leads us to what this post is all about. Here are the changes we made and why:

#1) We redesigned the email consumers receive when you send them a snapshot.

When a consumer opens your email, you have but a few seconds to engage them. If you don’t, they’ll trash it.

I can speak to this one… I’m worse than a squirrel when it comes to marketing email. (Their attention span is 4 seconds if there’s an acorn around, and yes, I’m comparing myself to a squirrel.)

When it comes to real estate, if you can grab their attention within those few seconds with something meaningful–average days on market or average sale price–they won’t trash it.

Which led us to these:

First and subsequent consumer email

Short and sweet, easy to scan and a couple of key stats to grab their attention. Perfect.

2 small tweaks to the redesign based on your feedback:

  • Email subject: We’ll stick with the old one (shown above). Including your name + their area = not spam.
  • New email template: You’ll only automatically start sending the new template (shown above) if you haven’t modified the old one. We recommend the new one though. Most will view it on a mobile device and this template is easier to scan (not to mention more current).

If you’ve modified the old but want to use the new, don’t fret. I’ll give details on how to make the switch when we release these changes.


#2) Consumers can now change the area of their Market Snapshot.

To go along with shrinking attention spans, consumers now also expect immediate responses when they want information. So if you got their area wrong–you’re not a mind reader after all–they can update it themselves.

Settings page

(If you’re still reading, good for you–your attention will pay off!)

#3) Lastly, we redesigned the header and footer of the Market Snapshot to be similar to its Listing Alert cousin (new listing/price change and sold alerts).

New snapshot look

Now I would venture to say all that is better than a Reese’s peanut butter cup, wouldn’t you? Apparently that’s the #1 Halloween candy, but I digress… Happy Haunting everyone. Don’t forget to let us know what you think, and thanks for hanging out for longer than 10 seconds! 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    Do you have any data as to how market snapshot compares to RPR?

    • crodgers

      Hi, thanks for your question. Both Market Snapshot and RPR have similar content, though the Market Snapshot is automatically sent (based on a schedule you or the consumer can set), so you don’t have to remember to send it out each month. Market Snapshot also sends out Listing Alerts for new & sold listings and price changes, and tells you which consumers are viewing the content. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to include crime report

  • Leo Riboni

    Good Stuff !

  • Anonymous

    Love the updates. When does this start?

    • crodgers

      Glad to hear it! I don’t know the exact date we’ll release these changes, but I can say they’re coming soon. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know here!

  • Shelly Davis

    So if the school and community info is not available in Canada, will we have the ability to eliminate that reference in the first email to the client?

    • crodgers

      Hi Shelly, sorry I should’ve included that if you are in Canada, the “school and community reference” will not be included in the template.

      Thanks for your question!

  • Jacky Howard

    Nice work, nice updates. I would love to have a map search feature. This feature would eliminate wrong areas or rogue properties that appear in my snapshots. Either a drawn set of boundaries; a radius search – or both. Just a thought. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    • crodgers

      Hi Jacky, you aren’t the only one to ask for this! I know our Product group is looking into the feasibility of this and I’ll forward your request to them. I’ll keep you posted here and thanks for the suggestion!

      • Erik

        I’ve been looking at market snapshot for a while and this suggested feature is exactly what would push me to purchase it.

  • Dean linnell

    Good work you guys. MS just keeps getting better and better.

  • Dane

    All of these updates, will they be available in Canada? Including the School info, community info etc. ?

    • crodgers

      The updates in the next release—consumer email redesign, ability for consumers to change their area, and the redesigned snapshot header—are all available in Canada. Unfortunately we do not have school and community information for Canada.

  • JOhn

    Looks Great! A lot of my clients want to see more photos of the home. Is that in the works??

    • crodgers

      Thanks John, we’re glad you like! I’ve sent your suggestion to our Product group for review, and I’ll keep you posted here.

      • crodgers

        Hi again John, here’s an update from our very proactive Product Manager—we ARE working on it! 🙂

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