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If you use Google Chrome to access Top Producer CRM on a Windows PC, we have some news for you. The editor you currently use for your postcards, presentations and flyers is based on outdated technology, so Chrome has made some recent changes that will block it by default.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re still struggling with the recent letter editor changes, you can take a breath—you have 2 painless options to choose from. (While some are thrilled with the letter editor changes, and they were absolutely 100% necessary to keep up with evolving technology, we know it has been downright painful for some of you. 🙁 )

Here’s what’s affected by the recent Google Chrome changes and what isn’t:

Editor changes

So if you want to edit your postcards, presentations and flyers, you have 2 options:

Door #1: Use Internet Explorer when you’re editing your postcards, presentations and flyers. If you ♥ Chrome, this may make you cringe, and I get that. I too use Chrome for most things, but have been known to switch to Internet Explorer for certain things. Switching was awkward for a nanosecond, but I quickly got used to it and now it’s just a click or two.

If you’re using a PC, you will most likely already have Internet Explorer installed. If not, all it takes is a quick download of Internet Explorer and then you’re good to go.

Door #2: If you just can’t stand what lies behind Door #1, you can enable a flag that lets you use the editor in Chrome for a limited time. You can give us a call at 1-800-830-8300 and we’ll walk you through it.


Any further changes we make I’ll let you know about here. In the meantime though, either of these options will get you where you need to be to edit your postcards, presentations and flyers. Thanks for being patient with us while we adapt to a few Chrome curve balls!


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