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Top Producer CRM’s strength lies in the intuitive and responsive intelligence it has to offer, so we’ve laid out 4 simple steps you should follow to make sure you reap the benefits from it.

While this is a must read if you’re new to Top Producer CRM, even the seasoned veterans should take a boo to see if there’s a tip or 2 they can add to their arsenal.

Step 1: Get your contacts into the system 

Import contacts


We’ve made importing your data a snap. You can import from lots of sources—Outlook, Google, LinkedIn to name a few.

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Step 2: Funnel your leads into Top Producer CRM

Lead providersIt doesn’t get easier than this—Top Producer CRM plays well with over 100+ lead sources. Not only that, when a lead inquires about a listing, we’ll automatically create a new contact for you in Top Producer CRM. Cool, right?

And we know how important your online leads are, so you’ll never, ever have to worry about losing a lead again.

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Step 3: Apply a simple recipe for lead conversion that works

lead-conversion-plan-resizedNew leads are awesome, but you’ve got to build the trust that will convert them to lifetime, loyal clients.

This takes a delicate balance of consistent follow-up, neighborhood expertise and timely responsiveness. A tall order, but we’ve laid it out for you in simple steps so you can rest easy knowing your leads are taken care of.

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Step 4: Last but most certainly not least—let the Follow-up Coach lead you to effortless follow-up perfection

Follow-up CoachConsistent follow-up leads to more transactions and repeat & referral business, but you don’t know who to follow up with. Don’t worry—the Follow-up Coach has you covered.

Knowing who’s who in your database, you’ll be handed 5 clients a day you should reach out to. And if you’re at a loss for words, the Coach will suggest what to say based on your relationship. It doesn’t get better than that.
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Now some of us like to be walked through setting stuff up, while others prefer following step-by-step instructions. Whatever you fancy, we’ve got your back.

Our upcoming webinar will help you get up and running in no time flat. And for you self-service types, each step above has a link you can click for further instructions. Of course, if you’d rather we walk you through it, just give us a call at 1-866-459-7885!

We can’t wait to see the follow-up magic we create together!

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  • Cheryl Leddy

    I’ve had top producer for several months, but I don’t think that I’m using it to it’s full advantage….can someone help me get this working once and for all?


    • crodgers

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for reaching out. I’ve sent your info to our Customer Care team, who will be contacting you shortly.

  • Sharon

    Helpful information, I don’t have it set completely up yet, but I do have AWESOME!

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