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We’ve made a couple of tweaks to Top Producer CRM on your mobile device to make follow-up a snap! Back in February we added the Follow-up Coach to mobile, so you can follow up with your daily 5 no matter where your day takes you. Well now it’s even easier (and quicker) with our email templates and text message capability!

When the coach prompts you to follow up, why not send a quick text message?

Or, if this isn’t your style, send one of our quick email templates! You can send them as is or change them to match your sparkling personality!

We’ve also added the ‘Take Action’ button to the contact record, which makes calling or sending a text, email or Market Snapshot a little more convenient!

That’s it for now! We hope this makes your life a little easier–happy follow-up!

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  • Rubbie Groves-Clay

    I think that’s great. Will be also be able to set up email campaines?

    • crodgers

      Hi Rubbie, yes these email templates are available when you’re sending email from within Top Producer CRM, and you can use them in your action plans too! Just select the ‘Follow-up coach quick response emails’ category and select your template!

  • Ann Marie McManus

    This looks great! I am a long time Top Producer user, and my main problem is taming an unwieldy data base so that I am not creating busy work and I am focusing on people who I can help in the next 7 to 10 days. Can you ask someone to call me to answer how we can use this to better focus and not another “attractive distraction”. Thanks for all you are doing to help improve agent professioanlism and productivity!

  • Vicki Fletcher

    Looks cool

  • Rodolfo

    This is really cool, my business has been picking up and this helps ease things up.

    Rudy M

    • crodgers

      Hi Rudy, we’re so glad to hear the Follow-up Coach is helping you!

  • Anonymous

    Great new addition. Going to be real good with new larger screen iPhones coming soon.

  • Richard

    It would be helpful to have a link to info on what Follow Up Coach and daily 5 are in this blog.

    • crodgers

      How right you are, Richard! I’ve added a link per your suggestion, thanks!

  • Kelly Brantley

    A W E S O M E!

  • Barry Brown


  • Stephen Miller

    Wow, the 8i system just keeps impressing me! I’ve been a user since Top Producer 2 (on floppy disks)and it performs like a $50,000 employee who is highly trained, (but doesn’t call in sick or take vacation.) Way to go guys!

    • crodgers

      Thanks Stephen! We’re super happy you’re happy, and floppy disks—wow! Thanks for your continued support and business!

  • Kevin

    The new letters that are now in CRM, can they be integrated to Top Producer desk top or is the only way to send these are thru a mobile device?

    • crodgers

      Hi Kevin, great news! They’re available in Top Producer CRM on your desktop too. When you’re viewing a contact card in the Follow-up Coach on your desktop, just click Send an email > Email Templates. You can also access them when sending email. Just select the ‘Follow-up coach quick response’ email category and select your template!

      One last tip—if you want to change or add templates, just go to Marketing > Template Library > click Email Library and select the ‘Follow-up coach quick response emails’ category. From here, you can modify them or create new ones. Just make sure you save the template in the ‘Follow-up coach’ category and you’ll be good to go!

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