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We’ve made a couple of tweaks to Top Producer CRM on your mobile device to make follow-up a snap! Back in February we added the Follow-up Coach to mobile, so you can follow up with your daily 5 no matter where your day takes you. Well now it’s even easier (and quicker) with our email templates and text message capability!

When the coach prompts you to follow up, why not send a quick text message?

Or, if this isn’t your style, send one of our quick email templates! You can send them as is or change them to match your sparkling personality!

We’ve also added the ‘Take Action’ button to the contact record, which makes calling or sending a text, email or Market Snapshot a little more convenient!

That’s it for now! We hope this makes your life a little easier–happy follow-up!

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  • Nancy O'Connell

    Do I “Sign in” using the same sign in as online?

  • Nancy Wittenberg

    This is awesome when you’re at a slow open house. Love it!

  • Brad Hawker

    thank you – what I really like is that the Take action button is available on each contact record as well – Bravo!

    • crodgers

      Thanks Brad, we’re glad you like! You also inspired me to add this little detail to this post. 🙂 Thanks!

  • charles nyers

    truly valuable

    • crodgers

      Thanks Charles! We’re quite fond of the coach too! 🙂

  • Howard

    Great stuff. Just connected w a past client because of your reminder … set a listing appointment for Monday! 🙂

    • crodgers

      This is the stuff we love to hear, Howard! Awesome!

  • Frank SoRelle

    I have used Top Producer for the past 18 years and it has allowed my wife/partner to maintain a position in the Top Ten Realtors in Lubbock for fifteen of those years. You see these new, hot, and flashy data base systems come and go. But, TP continues to develop the most innovative and useful tools for Today’s Realtor that is on-the-go!

    The most tried and true method of succeeding in this business is for people to “like you, trust you, and never forget you!” With Top Producer CRM you have the tools stay in contact with the clients that have made your business what it is. With the new Top Producer CRM, if a Realtor is not successful, it is simply because they are not working with the right tools available to them.

    And, by the way, I have never encountered a more outstanding support group. They stay with you until your problem is solved and are always open to suggestions to make our system work better

    Thank you!

    • crodgers

      Thanks Frank! 18 years is a long time—thanks for your continued support and business!! We’re so happy to hear of your success and that Top Producer CRM helps you!

  • Janie

    When are they going to make it possible to view your email inbox?

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