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Last post we promised that the next update was going to be a lot more exciting… And like kids on Christmas morning, we couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

Meet your new best friend—the Follow-up Coach

You know it—consistent follow-up will lead to a steady stream of repeats and referrals. You’re busy though! Wouldn’t life be grand if each day you were handed 5 clients you should reach out to and all you had to do was the important part—follow up?

Because of your expert organization skills, we know who’s who in your database, so each day we’ll give you 5 to connect with.

All the details are right in front of you, so follow-up is a snap. Just pick up the phone or, if you don’t feel like it, send one of our quick email templates. And when you’re done, wrap it up and schedule the next touchpoint! Follow-up has never been this easy!

And when it’s all said and done, tell yourself you rock (because you do) and that the 10 minutes you just spent will really pay off (because it will)!

Data access for teams

Next up is team permissions for listings or closings. If you’re part of a competitive team, just flick the switch and team members will only see their contacts/listings/closings.

And some other tweaks we’ve made and minor annoyances we’ve addressed

You know you can view and add important dates (property anniversaries, junior’s birthday, etc) from the Contact Details tab, but now you can do both from the Summary tab too!

A small tweak, but it’s been requested by many! The My Business Go to Activities and (newbie) Add Activity links are now a touch smarter. When clicked, they will “remember” the date and activity type you were viewing, eliminating the need for you to set them again.

Another time saver—you’re viewing your Sales Pipeline and suddenly realize Cathy Jones is now in the Active stage. You say to yourself “It sure would be convenient to change it from here without having to open up her record.” Right again, and now you can.

Last but not least, we introduced a cool enhancement last month but, admittedly, we made a minor boo boo. You asked us “Why would I want to see a note is linked to Sophie when I’m already viewing her record?” You were right, so we ditched the obvious and will only display the other items a note is linked to.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoy!

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