From 0 to 5 million leads: The Journey

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We’ve reached a significant milestone—more than 5 million leads have made the journey through FiveStreet! We couldn’t be happier and wanted to take a quick stroll down memory lane and say thanks to those we couldn’t have done it without.

Five million leads

Back in February of 2012, we set out to solve a few key problems real estate agents and brokers were having with their online leads. We knew it was no easy feat handling current clients while simultaneously responding to the demands of online leads, and knew that agents and brokers were struggling with:

FiveStreet 1-2-3

And so, with a focus on simplicity, we answered with a system that responds to leads automatically (within a few minutes), broadcasts them to team members (the 1st to claim the lead gets it), and a dashboard view containing all the intel you need.

The first leads started to trickle in after a few months, and customers were welcomed on board in August of 2012. Today leads are consolidated from over 100 lead vendors and accepted in over 3000 different formats.

While some have said that FiveStreet has changed how real estate agents deal with online leads (aw, shucks), our mission remains the same—to focus on the first 5-15 minutes and keep it simple.

To all you Fivers out there, we sincerely thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you, and the best is yet to come. If you like what you’ve read so far and want to read more, check out how FiveStreet helps crack the code on conversion.

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  • Sharon

    I’m excited to get started, I recently signed on to FiveStreet. I hear nothing but good feedback about the program.

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