Latest Market Snapshot release—mobile anyone?

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According to the National Association of Realtors, 89% of home shoppers use a mobile device during their search. Couple that with the fact that 68% of them contacted a real estate professional based on info they received via a mobile device, and what do you have? Proof that real estate consumers are using mobile more than the average consumer, which is why we’re happy to report that Market Snapshot now appears flawlessly on any device—including smartphones!

How does this help you as an agent? Well, consider these 2 stats:

– More email is read mobile than on a desktop email client. – Email Analytics (Jan 2015)

– Mobile email opens have grown 180% in 3 years. – Campaign Monitor – Email interaction across mobile and desktop

Add it up—better open rates for you + a better experience for your customers + more customers engaged in relevant conversations with you = win-win-win.

Before we give you the lowdown on the latest changes, let’s get a quick understanding of how consumers engage with the information you send them. According to Mary Meeker’s KPCB Internet Trends Report, instead of surfing the net a few times a day for long periods like we used to, we now surf many times a day for short periods.

What does this mean?

We have pretty sad attention spans and demanding expectations as consumers, so content needs to be bite-sized, personalized and relevant. Random drip emails won’t cut it, and if your report isn’t tailored to my neighborhood, I won’t read it. (No offense.)

Good thing you’ve been using Market Snapshot to tell the story of how the market is—not was. And now you can add this to your arsenal—whether they check out your report on their smartphone, desktop or tablet, we’ve got you covered and your report is flawless:

Report on different devices

Community and school data doesn’t yet appear in the smartphone version, but it will. And in the meantime, clicking View desktop report will display the additional details they seek.

And 2 other tidbits about the smartphone version before we part…

Additional tweaks

That’s it for now, but we’d love to hear your thoughts! This is only the first cut of our new responsive version and we’re committed to continually getting better!

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  • Michael Thacker

    Great news!! I know many of my clients who get the report look at it on iPad, so this will really set me apart! Great job to your team!

  • Anonymous

    This is wonderful, and it will really look great since so many of my clients use their iPads to view the report! Great job!

  • Valerie Rosenblum

    Ok, so this sounds great. Can you tell me exactly how the mobile version is accessed? Do we need to download a market snapshot app or when the email is sent to the client and they are on mobile, does it open in mobile automatically?

    • crodgers

      Hi Valerie, no need to download a thing! Whenever a consumer opens up a report on their smartphone, they’ll see the new mobile version discussed in this post. If they open the report on a computer or tablet, they’ll see the original version. Take a look at the images in the post for clarification and let us know if you have any questions!

  • Zauditu Kandekore

    Thank you Topproducer job well done this is education for Realtors my clients will thank me and this means more business. Thanks again

  • Zauditu Kandekore

    Good job Topproducer this is education for Realtors my clients will thank me and that means more sales

  • leah

    do they changes automatically go into affect for market snapshots already set up? or only on newly created ones?
    Also, do they include additional photos of sold properties yet? or just active ones?

    • crodgers

      Hi Leah, whether it’s a new or existing snapshot, if they open the report on their smartphone, they’ll see the new mobile version. And all photos are only included in new listing and price change alerts.

  • Bryan

    Excellent! Now can you please make it easier on the backend to see user open/views and or allow email/text notifications for open/views? Should not be hard to implement since you already send weekly top 3… Also please make the back end easier to search it is unnecessarily “clunky” just one search tab for all leads with a couple of drop downs or additional check boxes would do the trick nicely. Please, Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Question, the mobile snapshot header shows my office phone number but I’d like it to show my cell (like the regular snapshot header does). Is there any way to customize it?

    • crodgers

      Hi there, this is actually an issue that we are working to address in a future release. Thanks for taking the time to post your question!

  • Tricia LaMotte

    Great news that ALL photos are now included!

  • Riaz

    Why are you advertising in Canada if this product/ service not being offered here

    • crodgers

      Hi there, thanks for your question. Market Snapshot is indeed available in certain areas in Canada. If you’re wondering if it works with your MLS, give us a call at 1-800-830-8300.

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