Mailbag for Dec. 14th

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It’s beginning to look a lot like… we may be on to something with the Office Hour webinars! The turnout has been fantastic and you guys have come up with some seriously good questions!

A couple of weeks ago, some of Top Producer’s finest sat down with our (increasingly) loyal listeners with 1 important goal in mind—to help you succeed with our products. (This is a partnership, after all.) We want to knock down any hurdles that may be standing in the way of you having a love affair with your CRM.

Now, we get that you’re a busy lot, so following each Office Hours webinar (I’m tardy, I know), we’re aiming to post 5 of the top questions here that you can peruse at your leisure. Without further ado, here are this week’s top 5.

Q: Where is the school & community info on the Market Snapshot?

A: The school & community info is in the Market Snapshot report and more relevant than ever! Rather than give your clients report-level details based on a specific zip code, you give them listing-level details based on an address. Aren’t you clever?

To view school info, just click a listing to see the Schools Nearby section that you can expand to get the associated schools, their ratings, student/teacher ratio and more.

School info

And if it’s community info you’re after, check out the awesome walk score ratings and amenities info you can find by clicking Neighborhood / Walk Score! Where’s the closest park? How long will my commute be? It’s all there…

Community info

(Psst, you can check out the Walking the walk blog post for more details if you want.)

Q: What is the best way to handle reminders for birthdays/anniversaries in Top Producer CRM?

A: Top Producer CRM makes it a snap to make sure you don’t miss your clients’ important days! All you have to do is enter the date in their contact record and you’ll be reminded in My Business to reach out and say happy [birthday/wedding anniversary/property anniversary].

To add an important date of any kind, just open up the contact’s record > and from the Summary tab, click Add an important date for this contact.

Add important date

You’ll then be reminded in My Business to follow up. (There’s a whole tab reserved for important dates!) And hey, while you’re at it, why not “wrap it up”? (Not a gift, silly—the details of the connection with your client.)

View important dates

 Q: How do I get Market Snapshot, Top Producer CRM and FiveStreet to play in perfect harmony and get the most out of my investment?

A: Good question, but it all depends on what stage you’re at.

1. If you haven’t set up all 3 products yet, check out the Calling all Success with FiveStreet users blog posts.

2. Next, apply the Simple Lead Conversion plan in Top Producer CRM. (All 3 products will work together to help you effortlessly convert your online leads. Talk about harmony.)

3. Last but not least, pay attention to the Follow-up Coach in Top Producer CRM:

Follow-up Coach

Q: How can I set up my imported list of clients on Market Snapshots?

A: We’ve come up with a simple recipe that will work wonders for your past clients. Here’s how to send them a snapshot every 6 months and sold alerts too:

1. Search for the contacts you want to send snapshots to. (Just go to Contacts > Search for Contacts in Top Producer CRM.)

2. From the Search results, select the clients > click Send Market Snapshots.

That’s it! Snapshots will only be sent to those with an email address & zip code. And we won’t send to those who have unsubscribed from your emails either. For more details, see the Client Follow-up Simplified blog post.

Q: I know Market Snapshot rocks, but I’m not using it to its potential. Help?

 A: Together Market Snapshot & listing/sold alerts are a powerhouse. So here are a few (dare I say engaging) blog posts we’ve put together to help you get the most out of them:

And one final snapshot tip before we part—use Bright Open. It’s a free-with-your-Market Snapshot-subscription app to replace the dusty, old sign-in sheet. When open house visitors add their contact info to it, you can send them a snapshot on the local neighborhood. You’re good.

That’s it for this week, folks. Hope you found this useful, and stay tuned for our next Office Hours webinar on December 23rd!

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