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If one of your goals is nailing it with Facebook ads, good news—we’re here to help you do it. But before you can create ads and unleash the power that is Facebook advertising, you need an audience. And you deserve no less than an engaged one.

Who better to make up this audience than the contacts in your CRM—the people that know, like and trust you? So, we’ve just made it super easy to create a Facebook audience from your Top Producer CRM database.

Building a custom audience in Facebook sounds fancy…

But really it’s just Facebook playing matchmaker. You export your contacts to a file, then upload them to Facebook. Once uploaded, Facebook will then use their email, phone numbers, address and other spidey senses to find their Facebook profile, and boom—you’ve got a custom audience.

The first step—grab your contacts from Top Producer CRM

A few clicks here, a few there and you’re done.

1. In Top Producer CRM, go to Contacts > Search for Contacts.

2. Enter some search criteria (or not) > then click Search. (If you just click Search without entering any criteria, your whole database will appear.)

3. From the Search Results grid, select the contacts you want to export > then click Export Contacts.

4. Next, select the shiny new Contact record information for Facebook import option > then click Export. (This option exports name, address & contact info.)

5. If prompted, save the file (pay attention to where—you’ll need it in the next step!), and that’s it.

Next step—create a custom audience in Facebook

Easy peasey.

1. Open up your Audiences in Facebook > click Create Audience > Custom Audience.

2. Click Customer File > then click Choose a file or copy and paste data.

3. Select the CSV file you exported from Top Producer CRM > add a name for your audience > then click Next.

4. On the next step, make sure everything is mapped correctly. For example, make sure the contacts’ first names are mapped to the First Name field on the right. If you need to make a change, just click the drop-down and select the correct field.

5. Lastly, click Upload & Create.

Now do a happy dance. You’ve now got a custom audience in Facebook that you can wow with your marketing prowess.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more to come on Facebook advertising. From creating the perfect ad, to lookalike audiences, and all the internet marketing tips in between, you are so on your way to becoming the Facebook-ad master.

Psst, we also have an upcoming webinar dedicated to this very topic, so make sure you subscribe to our Facebook page and blog updates via Messenger so you don’t miss it!

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  • Wendy G Brown

    Was wondering how I can do this.Thank you for the tip. Love it.

  • Paul Lykins

    That was actually the best step by step training I have seen in a long time. You just made me like your software much more.

    • crodgers

      Aw shucks, thank you Paul! You just made my day! There’ll be much more to come on this topic, so stay tuned!

  • Yvonne faraci

    I have one question, do they have to opt in to your Facebook or do they just see me pop up?
    The reason I ask is that I have my farming contacts I top producer and I would like to do this but not at the risking of having them upset? Please advise and thanks

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