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Back in the day, the key to productivity was time management. If you could master it, success would be yours. These days though, it’s all about information overload and how to control it. Emails, texts, tweets, wall posts and pins, feeds we just have to stay on top of—how exhausting. No wonder we’re a stressed out lot.

If you can control the flow of information though, not only will your productivity improve, but your state of mind will too.

Let’s start with leads. We love ’em, but they do pose a few challenges…


Leads come from a variety of sources and may flow to different email accounts too. You’re supposed to respond within 5 minutes, so how do you drop everything, find the lead, respond and make a super impression? It’s a tough gig.

FiveStreet can help though. It consolidates your leads in one place and automatically responds to new requests within a few minutes—not instantly—so your responses don’t come off as canned:

FiveStreet response

You’ll also get more lead info than you dreamed possible, so nailing the first impression will be easy. (FiveStreet gets the info from social networking sites. Tricky, right?) And if you’re part of a team, the race is on—leads are broadcasted to all team members so the first to claim it wins.

Phew, that was easy.

Once a lead becomes a client though, you’re faced with different challenges…

Wrap up interactions

Who wants (or has the time) to block out hours a week to update their CRM? You need to keep track of this stuff though—notes, what stage they’re in, next follow-ups—in order to provide superior service and have a clear vision of your current & future opportunities.

You can jot down notes after you call or meet with clients and enter it in your CRM later, but wouldn’t it be nicer to do it on the fly when it’s fresh in your mind? Even better would be a CRM that prompts you to do it right after connecting with a client.

This is Top Producer CRM’s Wrap Up feature:

Pipeline wrap up

And let us not forget about past clients…

Lost opportunities

You know that keeping in touch will lead to repeats and referrals, but who has the time and where do you start?

Why with the Follow-up Coach, of course. We introduced the Coach last year, but don’t let its age fool you. The Coach is wise beyond its years. Each day you’ll be handed 5 clients you should reach out to and all you have to do is follow up. And the Coach even knows who’s who in your database—new leads, past clients, sphere—and will suggest actions based on who they are. Pretty cool, right?

Follow-up Coach on mobile

Last but certainly not least is trust… It’s essential but finding the time to build it with your entire database isn’t easy.

Trust building

Trust is the glue that holds relationships together and takes time to earn. It’s a no-brainer that if you’re open and honest and do what you say you’re going to, you build trust. But I’d also venture to say that freely giving access to what only you as a Realtor have—knowledge, expertise and access to rock solid (MLS) data—will build trust too, don’t you think?

Market Snapshot does this automatically for you (and tells them what the neighbor’s house sold for too).

Snapshot and alert

So while you can blame technology for information overload, ironically it has an important role to play in the solution too. Best of breed apps can bring it all together for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best—helping your clients find the homes of their dreams.

And taking a page from froggy’s book above couldn’t hurt either—unplug for a few minutes each day, take a breath and just be.

Questions? We’d love to help! Give us a call at 1-800-821-3657.

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  • dennis didomenico

    I ouwl dlike to see the follow up coach have more flexibility as to the selection of the group of contacts to follow up
    right now you have 5 groups 1 New 2 Past Client 3 Sphere of Influence 4 imports 5 everyone else
    new clients I follow up immediately , so no need to remind me how often do you import contacts for a need to follow up?
    and everyone else ??? This is a category ? I would like to see the ability to change to contact type I like, example Buyers
    and sellers maybe also a some kind of level of urgency , which is in a contact record as High Low medium and hot warm cold seems like too many ways to label a contact

    • crodgers

      Thanks for the suggestion, Dennis! I’ve sent your feedback to our Product group for review.

      The ‘Import’ category is to prevent you from importing a lot of contacts and not organizing them. Assigning pipeline statuses and contact types will keep your database profitable and useful. Only those that have been imported but not ‘touched’ appear in the Follow-up Coach. ‘Everyone else’ is there for those that don’t fall into our other categories. We want to prevent other important contacts from slipping through the cracks.

      Regardless, I can understand you wanting more customization. I’ll let you know of future plans here!

  • Joe Kucharski

    I’m just curious, I’m finding links from top producer’s resource section that is soliciting a product called 5 Street, if I have that correct. Why does my top producer 8i not do what this other product is suggesting, yet asking me to pay another $25 per month?! I have than a T P for almost 15 years and I’m getting ready to toss top producer right into the can. For example, I can purchase Leading Agent that does all of these things and more – even includes workflow campaign building an automatic response, for $50 a month. I won’t even start comparing it to Infusionsoft, because that’s just not fair. It would be like a 250 pound muscular football player picking out a little kid. And what really irks me, is top producer 8i is still not Mac compatible?! What’s the deal? His TP going to step it up? If you’re reading this and not sure what I’m talking about, Google CRM.

    • crodgers

      Hi Joe, I’ve forwarded your info to our Customer Care group who will contact you shortly. They’ll be able to address your concerns. Thanks for your comment.

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