Market Snapshot landing pages—not just for sellers anymore!

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Time flies when you’re having fun… It’s been over a year since we first introduced you to the beautiful Market Snapshot landing pages, and our numbers show you guys really dig them! Over 9500 of you have created your own landing page. (Aw, shucks.)

Landing page

They don’t require any coding or customization—just grab a link and off you go. They also work flawlessly on any device, and it couldn’t get any easier to add them to Facebook. Life is good, but there was one small request that kept popping up.

Mike said:

Customer comment

And Ricardo agreed:

Customer comment 2

So, Mike and Ricardo (and everyone else that asked), this one’s for you:

Enter page title

You can change the title to anything you want, and if a buyer happens upon your landing page, they can just enter the neighborhood or zip for the area they’re interested in and they’ll get a Market Snapshot. Cool, right?

Buyer landing page

(To change the title, just go to // > click Professional Landing Pages > after logging in, enter a title!)

That’s it for now folks, but keep the feedback coming! We really do take it to ♥.

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  • Najwa Khoury

    is there a way to add the phone number as a required failed in this landing page ?

  • Lake Norman Realtor® Mike Toste

    Excellent improvement! Thanks for continuing to keep your ears open for what Realtors® out in the field are needing.
    My only concern is that the language in the bottom form suggests they need to have a full address. I wonder if there would be a way to customize that so it says something like “Enter City, Neighborhood, or Zip Code” Here’s my example for “FINDING Dream homes on Lake Norman” //
    I appreciate your response.

    • crodgers

      Hi Mike, your page looks great! Currently there’s no way to modify the helper text that appears in the address field, but I’ve sent your request to our Product group for review. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Anonymous

    I heard at Keller Williams Mega Camp that we would soon be able to change the picture to the landing pages. Any truth to that?

    • crodgers

      Hi there—thanks for your interest! We are constantly looking at new ways to improve the landing pages, and while the ability to change the picture is not currently available, I’ve sent the request to our Product group for review. Stay tuned for future updates!

  • Anonymous

    Is there a fee for this landing page?

    • crodgers

      Hi there, thanks for the interest. The landing pages are free with your Market Snapshot subscription! If you’re not a Market Snapshot subscriber, check out this page for more details: // And, of course, let us know if we can help!

  • Harold Nelson

    Is there anyway to increase the number of characters? I used to have a landing page created by
    for my Market Snapshot that let me have more spaces. I don’t know why they discontinued it.

    • crodgers

      Hang tight, Harold – we’re working on it! I’ll keep you posted here in the next couple of weeks!

      • crodgers

        Good news, Harold! We’ve just released the ability to enter wayyy longer landing page titles! Enjoy!

  • Daryl b hanna

    Thank you SO much for allowing us to customize the header on the landing page… That was a huge step forward! I think another idea that would be great for us as Realtors would be to somehow have a choice as to what happens when the consumer types in their info in…. Right now they always just get a market snap shot… But what if we could send them our news letter, OR something custom we would upload into the system… Like a flyer related to our specific market… For example here in Las Vegas we have many state programs giving away free money! These are grants from the state of NV that never has to be paid back… Up to 5% of the purchase price… SO what I want to do is build a landing page that said “FREE MONEY” “FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN GET UP TO 5% TOWARDS THE PURCHASE OF YOUR NEW HOME THAT NEVER HAS TO BE PAID BACK” and than they enter their info and they get a quick flyer about the Home is Possible program and a phone call from me… That would be HUGE and would make your product MUCH more valuable because ALL of us agents are wondering how the hell we do it… You should solve that problem quick! DH

    • crodgers

      Daryl, I’m glad you’re happy with the update & thanks for taking the time to leave this suggestion! It’s a good one! I’ve sent it to our Product group for review.

  • Kimberly Drescher

    It would be great if we could upload a photo of a local home as the picture too!

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