Mailbag for April 12th

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The middle of the week—some call it “Wonderful Wednesday”, others call it halfway to the weekend.

Whatever your outlook, we know one thing for certain—our 45 minute webinar sessions with you are the perfect way to get over any mid-week blues.

As usual, the turnout was great and you guys asked some really good questions. For those that missed it, here are this week’s top 5. From Top Producer CRM to Market Snapshot and Top Producer Websites, we’ve got you covered.

Q: How do I set up emails to go out automatically?

A: It’s a cinch and you can do it for both single emails and action plan emails.

For a single email:

1. Go to Calendar > Activities Summary > click on your email. (Or if you’re sending a new one, go to Calendar > Add Activity.)

2. In the Email Template section, change Automated Send? to Yes and that’s it! The email will go out on the date you scheduled.

Automated send - single email

For action plans:

1. In Top Producer CRM, go to Calendar > Plans Manager.

If it’s a system plan (one that comes with Top Producer CRM), click the Copy action plan icon on the far right so you can edit it.

Plans manager

2. Once you’ve saved the plan copy, select the check box in the header row to select all the activities > then click Mass Open.

Mass open

3. For all email activities, change Automated Send? to Yes in the Email Template section > and repeat for all email activities in the plan (using Next at the bottom to cycle through). Going forward, whenever you apply this plan, emails will be sent automatically.

Automated send - plans

Q: Can I reduce the geographic area of a Market Snapshot to something smaller than an entire zip code?

A: You can, but it all depends on your MLS and the criteria they make available. To see what’s available, just click Advanced from the Create Market Snapshot form.

Most MLSs offer criteria such as ‘Area’, ‘Community’, ‘Neighborhood’ and ‘Subdivision’ to help to target a specific area. (And don’t forget that if you hover your mouse over a field, it will tell you if you need to enter the information in a specific format.)

MS - advanced search

Q: How do I get my MLS listings in to my Top Producer Website?

A: There are a few ways, but the easiest is to hook up to®. Once you do that, listing updates occur automatically, so you can just set it and forget it.

Setting it up is easy. In Top Producer Websites, go to Edit Site > Manage My Pages. If you have a Listings page already, click View/Edit. (If you don’t, just click Add Main Page > Listing.)

Then select® > and select your MLS board and enter your Agent ID. It’s as simple as that!

Websites - add listings

Here are a couple of other ways to get your listings on your Top Producer Website:

  • Import from Top Producer CRM. The drawback here though is that listing updates aren’t automatic. So any time a listing changes, you have to update it in Top Producer CRM.
  • Add them manually in Top Producer Websites. (Again with the manual updates though.)

If you’re interested, either of these are available from the Listings Manager—just click Listings from the main menu.

Listings manager

And while we’re on the subject of listings in general, you can also add an IDX search to your site by going to Edit My Site > Manage My Pages > Add Main Page > IDX.

Q: What’s the best way to ensure I stay in touch with my past clients after closing?

A: Awesome question! There are numerous ways—the first thing you’ll want to do is assign the Past Client contact type or, if you’re tracking closings in Top Producer CRM, mark the closing as Closed/Paid.

Past client contact type in a client’s record:

Past client contact type

Closed/Paid status in a closing:

Closed paid status

Once you’ve done either of these, you can:

  • Search for them (Contacts > Search for Contacts) and apply a follow-up plan.
  • Sit back and let the Follow-up Coach prompt you. (By default the Coach reminds you every 4 months or so, but you can change this by clicking Why these contacts?) When the Coach does prompt you, take the time to personally touch base with a phone call or one of our “Hey, how’s it going?” email templates. You’ll be glad you did.

Q: Must we be signed up for something in particular in order to get that MLS look-up feature?

A: Yes, Top Connector is the add-on product you seek. It allows you to import your listings in to Top Producer CRM.

Import listings

And you can also import comparable properties from your MLS in to your presentations.

Import comparables

For more info, give us a call at 1.800.821.3657.

That’s it for this mailbag folks, but there are Office Hours webinars coming soon to a computer near you. Check out the schedule here and have a great weekend!

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