Top Producer® X CRM: Tasks

See your incomplete tasks in Tasks (Log in > Tasks).

Adding Tasks

Click Add Task to add a call, appointment (appt.), or to-do task. Add additional contacts to the task for it to appear under multiple contacts. Tasks added here will show in the main Tasks page, as well as in the Tasks tab of the associated contact record(s).

Viewing Tasks

Your tasks are organized into the following tabs:

Filters let you further narrow your tasks to All, Appointments only, Calls only, and To Dos only. The Task status toggles let you choose to show or hide complete and incomplete tasks.

Opening a Task

Click a task description to open the task. Use the Arrow icons (or the arrow keys on your keyboard) to navigate quickly between tasks. If the task has an associated contact, their record will display. If there is more than one associated contact, click a name to open the associated record.

Click Edit Task to change the details of the task, Mark Done to complete the task and open the Wrap-up pop-up, or click the Delete Contact icon to delete the task. Click Add Note to add task notes. Click on a task note to edit or delete the note.

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