If you have encountered an issue logging in to your Top Producer Website or realtor.com® Featured Website, below is a list of common issues and their known fixes.

Username/Password is Incorrect

This error message often occurs when your Website Account username and/or password are incorrect. To retrieve your Website login information, click the Forgot Your Password? link and enter your email address (use the email associated with your account). If you do not receive an email message with your login information, please call Top Producer Websites Customer Care at 1-800-830-8300 (also applies to realtor.com® Featured Websites).

Login screen “flashes” and doesn’t allow you to login

This issue typically only occurs when using Microsoft Internet Explorer. In most cases it is caused by incorrect Date, Time and Time zone settings for your computer.

To access these settings, double-click on the time in the Windows taskbar.

Image - Date and Time Properties window

Confirm the correct date, time and time zone for your area and ensure your computer settings are the same.

This issue can also be caused by the early switch to daylight savings. To confirm if this is what is causing your login issue, see what the Current Time Zone is in the Date and Time Properties window. If the Current Time Zone displays as “Standard time” not “Daylight Time”, this is most likely what is causing the issue. Please check your Time Zone settings to ensure you are in the correct zone.

If you continue to experience this issue, please contact Top Producer Websites Customer Care at 1-800-830-8300 (also applies to realtor.com® Featured Websites).

If the Website Login Screen Does Not Display

Please check the list below if the login screen does not appear at all.

  • Make sure you are going to the correct URL: www.topproducerwebsite.com (Top Producer), or www.featuredwebsite.com (realtor.com®).
  • Make sure you have an active internet connection. The simplest way to do this is to browse to a site you have not been to before (e.g., http://www.duckduckgo.com). If you are reading this website page, you likely have a working internet connection.
  • Make sure your browser can access Secure Web Pages (HTTPS). Follow the steps below to test:
    1. Go to https://www.httpvshttps.com/
    2. If you are unable to access the site, then your browser may not be able to display secure websites. Please contact a local technician to resolve the problem.