If you have a Market Snapshot license you can set up a lead form on your Top Producer Website or realtor.com® Featured Website, allowing your visitors to sign up to receive snapshots from your site.

There are two ways to add Market Snapshot to your website:

  • As a full page (externally linked page)
  • As part of an existing page (widget)

Setting up the Full Page Version of Market Snapshot on Your Website

The full page version will display the Lead Inquiry Form as a full page on your site. Adding the full page version requires that you have obtained the Inquiry Form URL from within the Top Marketer Control Panel.

Note: For more information, read Getting the Market Snapshot Text Link Code. Although it is called the “Text” Link Code, this method will provide the code necessary to add the Inquiry Form to your website.

Once you have obtained the Link Code, follow the steps in the article Creating an External Sites Page to Add External Content, and use the Link Code as the External URL.

Setting up the Widget Version of Market Snapshot on Your Website

For the steps to add the Market Snapshot Widget to your website, please see the below articles: