Use the My Profile page to update your logo, photo, or any other profile details. The information provided in your profile can be displayed throughout your website and is essential in providing a professional looking website. If you have not already entered your information during the Website Setup Wizard, it is highly recommended that you update your profile as soon as possible.

To access and change your Profile, click My Account in the main menu of the Website Control Panel.

Importing Your Top Producer Profile

If you subscribe to Top Producer, you have the ability to import your profile from that account. If this was not done during the Setup Wizard, or you have since changed the profile information in Top Producer and would like to import the new information, click the Import Profile button.

Image - Import Button

In the Account Information screen, enter your Top Producer CRM username and password into the fields provided. If you would also like to integrate your website with Top Producer, place a check in the box next to Use this information to integrate with Top Producer CRM. Click OK. You will be shown a summary of the information that will imported. Click OK to confirm the import.

If you have already integrated Top Producer with your website, clicking Import Profile will immediately display a summary of the information to be imported.

Note: For more information about integration, read Integrating Market Snapshot and/or Top Producer CRM with your Website.

Adding or Changing Your Photo and Logo

Having a picture of yourself or your team on your Web site is an effective way to promote your image and increase visibility. You can upload a photograph in a JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG format. Ideally, your Agent or Team Photo should have a portrait orientation and be a minimum of 200pixels (width and height), while your Company Logo should have a Landscape orientation (although square-shaped or portrait will work as well) and be at least 80pixels (width and height).

Image - Agent Photo and Company Logo

  • If you have not yet added your images, click the Add Photo or Add Logo button, click the Browse button, locate the image on your computer, and click OK.
  • If you have already uploaded your photos they will be shown on the page. You can upload a new photo by clicking the Change Photo button.

Updating Your Contact Information

Below your Photos are all of the available fields for entering your contact information. While only the fields marked with * are required fields, it is recommended that you provide as much information as possible.

Take note that there are two fields available to enter website addresses, each with a specific purpose:

  • My Site URL: This field should contain the correct website address (Domain Name) of this Website. It will initially contain the default URL of your site – for example,, where “username” is your Website account username. If you have configured a Domain Name for use with your site, you will want to make sure this field is updated to the new Site URL.
  • Web Site Address: If you have another website, either personal, a real estate blog, or a Company/Team/Broker website, enter it into this field. You have the option of displaying this in the footer of your site. Do not enter the website address of this current website.

The Communities Served Field

Image - Communities Served

In the Communities Served field, enter a short list of the market areas you wish to target, separated by commas. You website comes preloaded with default content, and the information in the Communities Served field is automatically inserted into the default content. This helps personalize the content of your site when it is initially set up, improving results when your site is indexed by a search engine. Also, as you begin editing your site content, having the Communities Served info already on the page serves as a good reminder to include this information as keywords in your content.

Header and Footer Messages

Enter a Primary Header Message. The page header message is an important component to consider when optimizing or improving your Website’s performance on search engines. The page header displays what the site is about. When selecting your page header message, keep in the mind the following suggestions:

  • Avoid broad messages: If you use “Real Estate Agent”, you will be competing on too broad a scale. Rather, try entering your city or more specific words that helps you channel traffic. Example: “Seattle Area Real Estate” or “Seattle Condominium Real Estate”.
  • Order matters: Make your title wording precede your company name. Example: “Seattle Area Real Estate – The Hudson Company”
  • Think like a customer: How would customers search for you?
  • Keep the title short and concise: Your message should be 30 characters or less.

The page header message appears at the top of every page of your Web site. The color and size of the text, and its position in the page header depend on the theme that you selected for your site.

Click to see an example Primary Header Message.
Image - Website Header Example

Use the Secondary Header Message field to further clarify your services. For example, if your title is “Seattle Area Real Estate”, your secondary message could state: “Serving SW Washington and the Portland Metro Area”. The secondary header message typically appears directly below the primary header message. The color and size of the text and its position in the page header depend on the theme that you selected for your site.

Click to see an example of a Secondary Header Message.
Image - Secondary Header Example

Create a Footer Message for your site, such as a closing remark about your services. The same footer message appears on every page of your site. The color and size of the text depend on the theme that you selected for your site.

Tip: For more information, click the help icon Image - Help Icon next to field.

Profile Display Options

The bottom section of the My Profile page allows you to specify the contact information that will display in your header and footer, and in your listing printouts. For each area, select the check box(es) next to the information you wish to display. Below is an example of information displayed in the footer.


Click OK to save the changes to your page.

Note: If you change your contact information, a prompt will appear after you publish the site. Click OK if you’d like to change your contact information in your subscription profile. The Subscription Management page appears in a separate browser. After you update the information, the browser window closes returning you to your Website.