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Replacing the stock content on your About Me page with a SocialBios widget is a great way to personalize the page and make it easy for your clients to connect with you.

Example SocialBios Profile Page

Obtaining the SocialBios Widget Code

Once you have created and configured your SocialBios profile page, follow the below steps to get the code needed to add it to your website:

  1. Log in to your SocialBios account at
  2. In the main menu, select Widgets and click Website.

    In the Widgets menu, click Website

  3. Select which panels you’d like to appear on your About Me page by selected/deselecting the check-boxes around the example profile.

    Choose the panels to appear in the widget

  4. Select the Iframe option.

    Select the iframe option

  5. Highlight and copy the HTML code that appears in the box. This code will be used in your website.

    Copy the widget code

Adding the SocialBios Widget to your Website

  1. Log in to your Website Control Panel
  2. Click Edit Site.

    Edit Site

  3. Click Manage My Pages.

    Manage My Pages

  4. Next to the About Me page, click the View/Editoption.

    Click View/Edit next to your About Me page

  5. Delete the content currently in the About Me page.
  6. Switch to HTML editor mode by clicking the HTML code icon HTML Edit Mode icon at the bottom left.
  7. Paste the SocialBios code into the HTML editor box.
  8. Click OK to save the changes

Viewing the About Me page on your website will now show your SocialBios profile page.