You can create main pages and subpages for your website. A main page can be accessed from the main navigation links on your website. A subpage is located inside a main page and will open within this main page. You can have multiple subpages inside a main page.

You can use the default web pages as-is, or customize them to suit your needs. To edit a web page, follow the steps below:

  1. From the main menu click Edit Site, or choose Edit My Site from the Quick Tools section of the main page. The Website Manager window opens.
  2. Click Manage My Pages to open the Page Manager window.
  3. Click the View/Edit link for a selected page to open the Page Editor window.

The Page Editor window is made up of four sections:

  1. Page Options – This section allows you to specify your page’s name, title, description, and keywords. Click the Page Options button to expand the section.


    Tip: To collapse on an open section, click on the same button you used to expand it.

  2. Web Boxes – This section allows you to select the web boxes you would like on the page. Click the Web Box button to expand the section.


    • Select an existing web box from the drop-down list and click the Add Web Box button.
    • Click the Remove link if you wish to remove the web box from the page.
  3. Lead Forms – This section allows you to display a lead form to your visitors before they can visit the Web page.


      • Click the Lead Form button to expand the section.
      • Click the Show a lead form before displaying this page option button.
      • Click on the lead form you’d like to use from the text box.

        Note: If you are using the mobile-friendly templates, this section is unavailable.

    1. Content – This section allows you to edit the content of the web page, much like you would in a word processor.


    2. Click the Preview button to see the changes to your website. Your website opens in a separate window, displaying the page you are currently editing.
    3. Close the new preview window. If you are completed editing the web page, click OK.