By adding subpages you can include more content to a Main Web Page without cluttering up the page. Subpages are neatly organized as buttons on the Main Web Page.

To create a subpage, you need to select the main page under which this subpage will be located. Each main page can have an unlimited number of subpages.

  1. From the main menu click Edit Site, The Website Manager window opens.
  2. Click Manage My Pages. The Page Manager window opens.
  3. From the list of Web pages, click the 1sign to the left of the Web Page title you would like to add a subpage to.
  4. Click the Add Subpage link.


  5. Choose either a free form page or special pages layout, depending on what will display on the subpage. The Page Editor window opens.
  6. Make any changes to the subpage.
  7. Click the Preview button to see the subpage on your website. Your website opens in a separate window on the subpage you are editing. The subpage selections display as buttons on the left within the main page, and opens within the main page.
  8. Close the Website Preview window.
  9. Click OK once you are done creating the subpage.