Providing hyperlinks to websites with information about movers, community information, schools and more is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert in your market. In addition, trading hyperlinks with other websites is an excellent way to boost your rating with search engines. The following are steps for inserting a hyperlink onto a standard layout page.

  1. In the main menu, click Edit Site.
  2. Click on Manage My Pages.
  3. Click on View/Edit next to the page you would like to add the hyperlink to.
  4. Type in some text for the hyperlink and then Highlight the text.


  5. Click on the hyperlink manager icon to open the hyperlink manager.


  6. This will open the Hyperlink Manager, which provides three tabs:

    Hyperlink Manager

    1. Hyperlink – This allows you to create a link to a webpage. In the URL field, enter the website address to which you are linking. Use the Target option to choose how you would like the new link to open.
    2. Anchor – This allows you to create an anchor on the page, so if you click the link you get directed to another location on the page.
    3. Email – This allows you to create a link to an email address

  7. In the below example we are creating a link to an email address


  8. When you are done creating your link, click OK.

Adding Custom Links

The Custom Links feature in the editor toolbar allows you to quickly add a hyperlink to another page on your website. Instead of using the Hyperlink Manager and manually adding the URL of your website page, you can select a page from the Custom Links list and the correct link will be automatically added for you.

  1. Highlight the text that you would like to turn into a hyperlink.
  2. In the editor toolbar, click the Custom Links pull-down menu.

    Adding Custom Links

  3. A list of your existing website pages will be shown, organized by Main Page. Click the plus symbol next to a main page to expand the view to show sub-pages.
  4. Click the page to which you’d like to create a link.
  5. The hyperlink will be added to the highlighted text.

Tip: If you do not highlight any text prior to selecting a page in the Custom Links list, the hyperlink will be inserted using the Page Name as the Link Text.