Note: If you are using the mobile-friendly templates, this functionality is unavailable. Please see this update for more information.

If you have a Top Producer Blog or a Realtor.com Featured Blog, you can add a page to your site that frames in the content of your Blog. In addition, when a Blog Page is added, you can configure your website to automatically add posts when certain changes are made to your Listings.

To add a Blog Page, follow the below steps:

  1. From the Website Control Panel, click Edit Site in the main menu.
  2. In the Website Manager, click Manage My Pages.
  3. To add the Blog Page as a sub-page, click the Plus Icon main-page-icon next to Main Page to which it should belong, then click Add Subpage For. To create a Main Page, click the Add Main Page button at the bottom.
  4. From the list of Special Pages, click Top Producer Blogs® / Featured Blog™.

    Blog Page Type

  5. In the Page Editor, enter a Page Name, Page Title, Page Description, and Page Keywords.
  6. In the Web Boxes section, add any Web Boxes you’d like to include on the page.
  7. In the Lead Form section, choose if you would like to display lead form before a visitor can view this page.

    Note: For more information about the above page creation options, read the Page Creation Overview.

  8. In the Blog Section, enter your Blog username and password.

    Blog Page Settings

    Tip: If you have lost your username/password, please check your Welcome Email. If you no longer have your welcome email but remember your username, you can reset your password by going to http://www.realtor.com/blogs/ and following the “Lost your password?” link. If you do not know your username, contact Technical Support.

  9. Under Automatically post entries when, select which Listing events will automatically generate a post on your blog:
    • A listing is added to the site: When you add a new listing in the Listings Manager, a pre-formatted post will be added to your blog with the relevant information.
    • A listing is sold: When you edit a listing in the Listings Manager and set its status to Sold, a pre-formatted post will be added to your blog with the relevant details.
    • An Open House is added to one of the listings: When you add open house information to a listing in the Listings Manager, a pre-formatted post will be added to your Blog with the relevant information.
    • Note: These options do not apply to listings displayed on a Realtor.com Listings Page, or through an IDX Solution, as these listings are not stored in the Listings Manager.

  10. When finished, click OK to save and apply the new page to your site.