Once you have set up the framework of your website using the Website Wizard, you can familiarize yourself with where to locate key features of your Websites.

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The Home Page (Control Panel)

When you first login to your Website, the Home Page (also called the Control Panel) displays.

The Main Menu – is always found at the top of the Websites control panel window.


Clicking an icon on the main menu opens its selection of features.

  1. Home Icon – Click the Home icon to take you back to the Websites Home page, no matter where you are in the application.

    Note: You will also find a Home link at the bottom left of any Websites window.

  2. My Account Icon – Click the My Account icon to manage your account and contact information.

    A second toolbar called Account Tools will open to display its available features.


    Use the My Profile page to load your photo and logo as well as enter your contact information.

  3. Edit Site Icon – Click the Edit Site icon to edit your site. From the Website Manager window you can make changes to pages, add web boxes, upload content, or change your theme.


  4. Listings Icon – Click the Listings icon to manage all your listings.


    From the Listings Manager window you can manually add or import listings.

  5. Reports Icon – Click the Reports icon to view or export statistics about your website.


  6. View Site Icon – Click the View Site icon to open your website in a new window to preview any changes you are making.

  7. Help/Logout Icon – You can access Top Producer Websites help files, or logout.

The Home page (Control Panel) is separated into four sections:


  1. Quick Tools – This is a quick reference menu of the most common tasks.
  2. Other Resources – This section allows you to access help and any other website associated programs you may have such as Top Producer IDX solution or Top Producer Blogs.
  3. Announcements – Here you will find announcements on new products or product enhancements.
  4. Website 101 – This section contains useful articles