The seamless integration between your Website, Top Producer, and Market Snapshot enables you to manage your website, listings and the Market Snapshot web box efficiently and effortlessly. If you already have a Top Producer account, you can also import your personal profile and listings into your website.

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After setting up this integration, you will be automatically authorized every time you want to import your profile or listings.

Note: If you change your Top Producer or Market Snapshot password in the future, you will also need to update the password in the Integration Setup.

  1. From the main menu click My Account. The Account Tools toolbar opens below the main menu.
  2. From the Account Tools toolbar click Third-Party Integration Setup.
  3. Enter your Top Producer User Name and Password and/or your Market Snapshot User Name and Password and click OK.


  4. You accounts are now linked.

    Note: After setting up this integration, all leads obtained through your website will be automatically sent to your Top Producer account.

Now that you have integrated your Website with Top Producer, you can import listings into your website. Integration with Market Snapshot means you can also add the Market Snapshot web box to your website.