You can add a Featured Listings Slide Show to your Top Producer Website or® Featured Website as a Web Box.

  1. From the main menu click Edit Site, then choose Manage My Web Boxes. The Web Box Manager window opens.
  2. From the Add a New Web Box section click Featured Listing. The Web Box window opens.
  3. From the Display section of the window choose the Slideshow of all featured listings option button, set your interval, then click OK.


    Note: Make sure you give your new web box a name, otherwise you will receive a message asking you to give it a unique title when you click OK to save it.

    You are returned to the Web Box Manager window.

  4. From the My Web Boxes: section, ensure the featured listing web box is highlighted.
  5. From the Add Selected Web Box To: section, click the check boxes next to the pages where you’d like the web box to appear.
  6. Click Done.