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Adding a Top Producer IDX Search to your Website

With Top Producer IDX there are two types of search pages that can be added to your site: Full Page search and Web Box search.

Adding the Full Page Search to Your Website

  1. From the Other Resources section click Top Producer IDX. The Top Producer IDX Dashboard opens in a separate window.

    Note: If you do not see Top Producer IDX as an option, go to to login.

  2. From the My Profile section, click the View >> link to the right of the IDX URL(s). MLS search URLs will display below IDX URL(s).

    IMAGE: Adding IDX Searches

  3. Right-click the link beside MLS Search: (This will look something like and from the menu that comes up click on either Copy Shortcut (if you use Internet Explorer) or Copy Link Location (if you use Firefox).
  4. Logout of IDX and close the window.
  5. From your Website Control Panel, click Edit Site from the main menu, then click Manage My Pages. The Page Manager window opens.
  6. Click the Add Main Page button. The Page Manager – New Page window opens.
  7. From the Special Pages section click IDX. The Page Editor – IDX window opens.
  8. From the IDX Link section, clear the contents of the URL: field, then right-click and select Paste. This will copy the URL from Top Producer IDX to your IDX page.
  9. Click Preview to view the IDX page on your website in a new window.
  10. Click OK to save your changes.

Adding the Web Box Search to Your Website

  1. From the main menu click Edit Site, then Manage My Web Boxes. The Web Box Manager window opens.
  2. From the Add a New Web Box section, click Top Producer IDX. The Web Box window opens.
  3. Enter a title for the web box, confirm your Top Producer IDX username is correct, and then click OK.

    IMAGE: Adding IDX Searches

    You are returned to the Web Box Manager window.
  4. From the Add Selected Web Box To: section, place a checkmark next to the pages you on which you’d like the Top Producer IDX search web box to display.
  5. Click Done.