If you don’t have a Top Producer CRM account, or don’t wish to import your listings, you can manually add listings to your site.

  1. From the main menu click Listings. The Listings Manager window opens.
  2. Click the Add Listing button. The Add a Listings window opens.
  3. Under the General Info section add information such as listing Status, Listing Price, MLS ID, Listing Date. You can also select the Featured Listing check box if you wish to mark this property as a featured listing, as well as the Just Listed check box if you want a “Just Listed” indicator to appear next to the listing. The color and style of this indicator depends on the theme you selected for your site.


  4. Under the Open House section you can add information like Open House Date, Start and End Time as well as, Driving Directions, Property’s Features, Neighborhood, and Notes for the open house.


  5. Under the Property Details section enter the address, school district, and property type information.


  6. In the Additional Features section enter additional details about the property, such as condo fees, interior/exterior features, and amenities, if appropriate.


  7. Under the Listing Options


    1. Listing URL – Enter the URL for this listing. Note that the domain of your URL is predetermined. You only need to enter a unique name to identify this listing. You may choose to enter the physical address of this listing. For example, if the property’s address is “1234 Main Street” and your domain is “http://jsmith.topproducerwebsite.com”, you could enter “1234mainstreet” in the space provided. Your URL would then be: http://jsmith.topproducerwebsite.com/1234mainstreet.asp

      Tip: Only numbers, letters, hyphens (-), and underscores (_) can be used in a URL.

    2. Hide Listing – If you do not want this listing to appear on your site, select this check box. You may choose to hide an incomplete listing or an inactive listing whose information you still want to keep.
    3. Hide Address – If you do not wish to show the address for this listing, select this check box.

      Note: Selecting the Hide Address on All Listings check box that is located on the Listings Manager page will hide the addresses of all your listings, regardless of whether this Hide Address check box is selected. If you only wish to hide the address of this listing, ensure that the Hide Address on All Listings check box is not selected and then select the Hide address check box for this listing.

    4. Virtual tour URL – If you created a virtual tour for your property, enter the address (URL) of the site that will display this tour.
    5. Listing Map – If you are showing the address of this property, customers can also launch a separate window displaying a map of its location. This option is selected by default.

      Note: Currently only U.S. property listings maps are available.

    6. Save and Link Files – You can add up to five file links to this listing. The listings page must be saved before you can add file links.
      1. Click the Save and Link Files button. The Select Files for Listing window opens.
      2. Select the file to add and click OK. A link to the file is added to the list.

        Tip: When you click on a file, the check box next to it is selected and the entire row is highlighted. To deselect a file, click on it again. The check box is cleared and the row is no longer highlighted. You can only add files that have already been uploaded to your Web Site Files under Site Options. For information on how to upload a file to your website, please click here.

    7. Add URL – You can add up to five URL links to this listing.
      1. Click the Add URL button. The Type in the URL link to be placed in the list window opens.


      2. Type the URL in the text box.
      3. Click the Check URL button to test that the URL is valid and correct. A separate window opens and displays the Web page for the URL
      4. Click Add. The URL is added to the list.

    8. Save and Manage Photos – click the button to add listing photos.
      1. The Listings Photos Manager window opens.


      2. Click Browse. The Choose file window opens.
      3. Double-click on the desired image to add it to the text box next to the Browse button.
      4. Type in a caption for the image.
      5. Click Add.
      6. Click Done once you have added your images.

    9. Click Preview to view the listing on your website.
    10. Click OK to save your changes.