These instructions assume that you have already registered a domain name with Top Producer,®, or a 3rd party registrar, and can resolve (successfully display) your site if you open a web browser and browse to your domain (i.e.

These instructions also assume you have created your Google Webmaster Tools account. To create your account go to: //

Once you have created your Google Webmaster Tools account, simply add your domain to the program. Be sure to add your domain in the

IMAGE: Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Generate a unique html file with the name specified by Google Webmaster Tools:

    IMAGE: Google Webmaster Tools

    Note: It is strongly recommended to use Microsoft Notepad when creating this html file.

  2. Use a 3rd party site map tool to create a site map of your website site in xml format. An example is:

Once both files are generated simply upload the 2 files to your Website account’s root directory. Navigate to your Website Manager and click Update My Site Options. Browse to and upload your HTML verification file and the sitemap file.

IMAGE: Google Webmaster Tools

After some time Google will index your website and you will be able to use Google’s Webmaster Tools to optimize your Top Producer Website’s search rankings.

Please note that the site map is static so if you update your website by adding new pages etc you must resubmit a revised sitemap. Instructions on how to do this can be found in Google Webmaster Tools Help.