Note: If you are using the mobile-friendly templates, this functionality is unavailable.

When using a customized theme on your Website, you have the ability to attach your own graphic or flash animation as a custom banner.

There are three different themes you can customize – each will have specific dimensions for their respective banners. Please be aware that if the banner does not match the Required Image Size then it may appear cut off or distorted.

  1. From the main menu click Edit Site. The Website Manager window opens.
  2. Click Change Theme. The Site Theme window opens.
  3. Click Change Theme Category.
  4. From the Choose a Theme Category section, click Customize Your Own Theme.
  5. From the Add a Banner section, click the Add link.

    Image - How do I add a flash animation or graphic to my custom banner in Top Producer Websites?

  6. Click the Browse button. The Choose file window opens.
  7. Double-click on the desired file to add it to the empty text box beside the Browse button.
  8. Click OK to preview the banner.
  9. Click the Add link to add your banner or flash animation.
  10. Click OK.

Tip: There is a large selection of pre-made banner images available for download that are formatted to fit each of the Custom Design templates above. To browse and download these images, visit the Website Downloads section.