Search Engine Optimization Week 2 – Short and Long Tail Keywords

Welcome to Week Two of Search Engine Optimization Self-Directed Learning.

Keywords play a big role in Search Engine Optimization of your Website. This week we will review what roles Short and Long Tail Keywords play, provide examples of the different types of keywords and provide you with tools that will help you generate such keywords.

Short and Long Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords can be described as broad keywords and long tail keywords can be described as narrow keywords.

For example Web Design would be considered a short tail or broad keyword and Real Estate Web Design would be considered a long tail or narrow keyword.

Short tail keywords generally target larger groups and less specific search engine searches as opposed to a long tail keyword which is used for targeting a specific or niche market. Short and Long tail keywords can be used in page titles, descriptions and the content of your articles.

The reason you would use long tail keywords more than short tail keywords is that you are more likely to be able to provide the relevant information to what the user is searching for as it is more specific and there is a lot less competition for someone searching for long tail keywords than there is for short tail keywords.

Visitors searching using a long tail phrase know exactly what they want and these are the type of visitors that you want to attract as they are more likely to turn into a lead than someone that is window shopping using very general search terms or short tail keywords.

A good marketing strategy is to have pages that will target bigger subsets of users by using short tail keywords and others that will attract specific users by using long tail keywords. You aren’t limited to one or the other so use both types of keywords.

Short Tail Keyword Examples

(Broad, general terms)
Long Tail Keyword Examples

(Specific, targeted terms)
  • Condo, Condo for Sale, Condos, Condos for Sale
  • Income Property, Realtors, Home, Home for Sale, Homes, Homes for Sale
  • Investment Property, Broker, Real Estate
  • Lake Homes, Townhouses, Lake Property, Foreclosures
  • Washington condo for sale, WA condo for sale
  • Spokane Lakefront properties for sale, Spokane Washington Lakefront Real Estate
  • Spokane Waterfront Properties, Washington Spokane Homes for sale
  • Spokane WA Homes for Sale, Real estate agent in Spokane

Keyword Generators

There are a variety of generators on the internet you can use to help you get started on creating lists of short tail and long tail keywords. You can find key word generators by typing “Real Estate Keyword Generator” into a search engine or you can use some of the generators we’ve provided links to below.

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